Have you ever really looked at your MetroCard?

The flimsy card you use three, four or even more times a day is old. It's 22-years-old to be exact. And although everyone wishes they were 22, age is a big number when it comes to technology.

In a world where technology is ever growing and evolving, the MetroCard is now a archaic way to get around the city much like how tokens were. Now, our phones dominate our lives, so much so that NYC is getting park benches that will charge them.

Now, the MTA wants you to use your phone to get around the city while slowly replacing the MetroCard, starting in 2018, for the small price of... $619 million?!

Much how the MetroCard gave us transfers and unlimited fares that revolutionized the way we got around, the MTA is hoping smartphone technology will do the same.

And for $619 million, well, it has to work. 

This means the swipe will be replaced by a tap. You'll be able to avoid lines for refilling and getting on the bus and pay through a bank account, credit cards or a prepaid card provided by the MTA.

Fares could be a lot different because of this new technology as well. The MTA is looking into on-peak and off-peak fares for trains and buses.

As well as packages for families and lower-income customers. The MTA is hoping that this new method will get more commuters to use the buses as ridership has fallen.


Although the plans to start getting rid of the MetroCard is planned to start by 2018, the MTA predicts the last swipes will be at least around 2023.

The MetroCard is unfortunately here to stay for a while but these are the baby steps we needed to see to know that change is coming.

In the meantime, we've partnered with Transit Wireless to give away a free monthly MetroCard, $100 MetroCard, AND a smartphone that lets you use Transit Wireless’s widespread subway Wi-Fi. 

Enter this giveaway above and take care of a month’s worth of MetroCard swipes– on top of another $100 you can use when that month’s up –but more than that, save yourself the huge bites you take out of your data plan by using Transit Wireless while underground. 


New Yorkers are determined to make this city adapt to the ever changing world that is modern technology. 

We are not going to settle into we have a city that moves as quick as we do, a city that works as hard as we do and a city that changes as quick as we do.

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[via AM New York] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]