Trust Us, It's the Absolute Worst: 6 Struggles of Being Snowed In for the Entire Weekend

As someone born and raised in the Northeast, you have to both love and hate the snow. 

It's beautiful. The silence that comes along with it is a short reprieve from the usual hustle and bustle of the city. Plus, it's just downright fun to slam someone in the back with a perfectly shaped and thrown snowball. 

But with the snow comes the cold, the slush, the black ice that you will inevitably bust your ass on while you're walking to work the following Monday. 

We're the city that basically never stops moving. The snow that would put a grinding halt on most Southern or cities is essentially just a blip on our weather radar. 

But then again, when the snow hits on the weekend, our plans tend to change... and sometimes, not necessarily for the better. 

Here are some of the struggles of being snowed in for the weekend in NYC:

1. Shoveling

You know what really, seriously sucks? 

Shoveling your car out of a foot of snow (if you do even have one) just to watch someone else steal the spot as soon as you move your car out. Or spending hours shoveling off your sidewalk just to have it covered up again by the snow melting off your roof. Or that passing garbage truck. It sucks, trust us. 

It's essentially the worst part about being snowed in for the weekend in NYC. You know you have to clear off your sidewalk or your driveway or else you'll be screwed come Monday. (Plus you know your landlord isn't going to you any favors.)


But then again, we all have those neighbors on the block who may be reaching elderly levels. We don't give a damn how much your back hurts. We respect our elders in NYC. 

So pause your Netflix binge, lace up those snow boots, and do a good deed. No matter how much it sucks, it's worse for them. 

2. Canceling plans

Oh, Winter Jam was scheduled for this weekend and you were super psyched to go? Too bad! 

You really wanted to check out these speakeasies this weekend? Sorry, unless you're planning on walking through the snow and wind, you'll just have to reschedule. Because snow bullets hurt. 

Maybe you're willing to dredge through the snow, but your friends aren't. They ditched you to stay inside and chug tequila, because they're lame. 

3. Mondays

Do you know what sucks more than any other Monday? Having to go to work after a weekend of basically doing nothing but shoveling, drinking, and binging on Netflix. 

Seriously, as soon as you realize you now have to dodge black ice walking to work, you're going to wish  you could stay in your nice warm bed more than you have on any other Monday 


Hell, maybe you've embraced the snow (because, it pretty much snows every single winter and is a lot more fun when you accept it) and spent your entire weekend sledding down a makeshift hill built by a snowplow. 

Bottom line is, when you realize you've got to go to work on Monday, you're going to be devastated. 


4. One night stands

Did you hook up with someone last night only to wake up and realize there's a foot and a half of snow on the ground? 

Yea, guess what buddy, you're stuck with 'em for the day... or weekend, because they're downright refusing to do the walk of shame in last night's outfit.  


Either you've won the lottery and you've got a killer f*ck buddy for the weekend, or you're just plain screwed. 

Let's just keep that in mind on blizzard eves from here on out. 

5. Power outages

Without fail, every year, some area of NYC loses power due to ice causing downed power lines, people losing control of their car and knocking out a power pole, or just because Con Edison sucks. 

Of course, it might be fun for about a good New York minute, but when you realize it's getting cold, your computer is only at 20%, and your phones essentially dead (because it's always on the brink anyway), you're going to realize the struggles real quick. 

6. Unprepared

So you know how people are going nuts about purchasing every loaf of bread, carton of eggs, and gallon of milk in the state of New York? 

Unless you're planning on inviting over the population of NYC for an insane French toast rager, you seriously don't need it. 

All you need is the essentials. Think about it, you'll probably (at the most) need enough food for six meals per person in your household and a hell of a lot of snacks... because for some reason, cabin fever makes you eat. 


But let's not forget. The most serious struggle about being snowed in? Not having enough booze. Stock up, New Yorkers. 

Hint: remember, booze really doesn't go bad... tell yourself whatever you don't drink will still go to good use in the future. Win win, right? Right. 

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