Get It Together, People! 6 Awful Struggles of Going Out with Your Friends in NYC

New York is the city that never sleeps, the center of it all, the pulse of opportunity. So you would think that every single night out would be the most epic one of your life, right? Well, not always.

Because as insane and fun as NYC is, your friendship group dynamic is still complicated, making any sort of group activity somewhat of a struggle. 

There's also a lot of obstacles to overcome when attempting to meet people in this city. You want the security of your friend group when going out, but time and time again you're reminded just how difficult it is to break away from that group and meet someone new. 


Face it: we’re never going to be more relaxed than we are with our friends, so what if we could combine meeting people on dating apps with kickin’ it with our people? Say hello to Squad.

Squad is the long-awaited answer to the question we’d never thought to ask: What if our friends were there to help us find love? No, not like setting us up with Chuck in accounting; the whiskey enthusiast who "likes music."

We're talking a dating app that provides an authentic and organic experience without the fear of rejection.

Sure, dating apps have certainly allowed us to meet people, but up to this point they haven’t really allowed us to meet people in the best way that we could. It's a bit too formal, too staged, and too much pressure right away.

Squad is the ultimate solution for this. Think of it as a dating app 2.0 taking away all the weird, pressurized parts of dating away and replacing it with the ease of a good night out with your friends. Mix in the possibility of making a genuine connection with a real human being? Night. Made.

Squad is the incredible app that takes the pressure off of solo dates by helping you meet new people with the friends you already have. It's kind of like Tinder. For groups. Without the sleaze.

If you decide to meet up with another squad, it's a total no-pressure situation. Sure, you may have your eye on one or two people in the opposite Squad, but you're not forced to sit down one-on-one and engage in all the nauseating small talk that typically goes along with first dates.

It's essentially perfect for every situation you endure when simply trying to get your friends together for a night out on the town. Like these. 

1. Expectations are too always too high


While beautifully optimistic, "Tonight is going to be the best night of our lives!" is just about the worst thing you can say before you and your friends head out for the night.

This sentiment essentially sets the evening up for failure. We understand that "Tonight is probably going to be mediocre at best and end in all of us eating $1 tacos on the street" doesn't have the same ring to it, it's a much more realistic picture of how your night is likely to go.

But think about it: aren't some of the best memories with your buds the nights when you end up eating $1 tacos in the street? The nights when nothing extraordinary happens, but you just have a good time hanging out with each other? 

With the Squad app, you can take all of the pressure and overzealous expectations out of the equation, and simply enjoy meeting new people in a relaxed, authentic atmosphere. 

It works like this: you and your friends form a squad on the app. It can be you and your guy friends, you and your girlfriends, or even a nice medley of both. You can swipe right or left on other squads around you, and, if matched, you can start a group chat.

From there, you can take the weirdness of dating apps out of the mix and meet up IRL. Sure, if you're possibly into one or two people in the opposite squad, you can pursue that in a reasonable―respectful (read: human) way you can approach them, but everybody's got someone who can hold them accountable.

2. No one can decide on where to go 

You would think that by this point in your friendship, you and your Squad would be able to agree on a bar or restaurant for your Saturday night plans.

But no, each pre-weekend group text turns into a full on summit around Friday afternoon. After hours of back and forth, you usually end up hitting the same spots you do every single weekend. 

And while you love that you've built the kind of relationship with the bartender that results in a free drink here and there, you'd also kind of like to try a new place where you don't recognize literally every person in the bar. 

You love your friends, but you're not getting any younger. And you've got a wedding to go to this fall. YOU NEED TO MEET NEW PEOPLE. 

3. One person always gets too drunk


This is why we can't have nice things, Stephanie.

We all have that one friend that thinks they know their limits, yet never seems to learn that they just can't handle as much as they were once able to in college. 

So, what was a fun night ends up turning into a babysitting job, just as you were making some seriously flirtatious eye contact with the cute guy/girl across the bar. 

THAT COULD HAVE BEEN YOUR SOULMATE. Ugh. It's whatever though, you'll just passive aggressively hold it against Stephanie from now until the end of time. NBD. 

4. One person always disappears


The only thing more frustrating than never actually meeting anyone during a night out is having to watch your one friend somehow hit it off with a beautiful stranger every singe time you go out. 

How does this happen? What blessed star was he/she born under?!

It's like a freaking Garry Marshall movie every weekend. You're forced to watch them miraculously bump into a nearly perfect human and get swept away to enjoy a magical night with them. 

All the while, you and your friends are holed up in a corner of the bar, texting them to get all the details and hypothesizing about where the night will lead them. 

5. You rarely actually branch out 


Thankfully, the days of awkward middle school dances are long passed, but old habits die hard. 

Yes, your fashion sense has evolved quite a bit (why did we ever think flared jeans and butterfly hair clips were a good idea?), but you rarely stray from your crew when you're out for the night.

It's straight up 2003 in the bars ― guys on one side, girls on the other, eyeing each other, yes, but never actually making a move.


And why would anyone do that? 

Thanks to dating apps, there's no need these days to actually talk to a human when you can just log in and get to swiping. 

Squad is different, though. 

It lets you and your friends meet other friend groups (and potential romantic partners), without all the pressure and expectation that comes with dating apps. 

It's like Tinder for groups minus the sleaze you get from Tinder solo.

Boom. Problem solved. 

6. You end up questioning your friendship choices 


The chaos and stress that ensues after a night out with your friends makes you take a good, hard look at yourself.

Yes, you chose these humans to be in your life, but why, WHY does everything have to be a struggle? Why can't we ever just have a chill night without reenacting The Hangover

Oh, that's right, because all of your friends are insane. But that's why you love them. They're your squad, and you ride or die with those fools. 

Download the Squad App Here & Meet People You Don't Know While Swiping with Friends You Do. 

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