With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies? 6 Struggles of Having Friends Who Always Owe You Money

Do you ever look around at your friends group and think to yourself, "Why the hell am I friends with these people?"

You love them, you really do, but sometimes you seriously question their life choices when they do things like post about their break-up on Facebook or tell you all about how amazing their Soul Cycle class was. 

You also grow increasingly frustrated with them when you're constantly covering for them and they're constantly not paying you back. 

That's where Square Cash comes in. Square Cash is the best way to pay (and get paid) in all of those pesky scenarios where the seemingly innocent IOU seems like a viable option. It's like Venmo, only way easier. We know what you're thinking - how the hell can Venmo get any easier?

Square Cash is the best way to pay (and get paid) in all of those pesky scenarios where the seemingly innocent IOU seems like a viable option.

Well, we didn't think Donald Trump would have a 50/50 shot at being the next leader of the free world, but here we are. Apparently, anything is possible.  

Square Cash allows users to send and receive funds in as much time as it takes to send an iMessage. Literally―you can send and receive payments through iMessage. It's dope.

So now, when your friends are avoiding your pay-back reminders like 18th century peasants avoided the plague, they're essentially out of excuses.

1. You never learn

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Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice...shame on you again. Just stop fooling us, okay? 

One would think that after the 7th instance of not getting paid back for the concert/dinner/happy hour, you would come to the realization that certain people in your life are just not reliable.

But alas, you continue making the same misjudgment time and time again. Perhaps your therapist has a point; maybe you do put too much trust in people. #deep

2. You're just trying to be efficient 

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Nothing is worse than being those people at a restaurant who insist on splitting the bill in the most complicated 6 ways imaginable, inducing highly understandable eye rolling from the waiter/waitress.  

You've been a server, you know how annoying this is. So, you offer to foot the bill, and everyone else can just hit you back later. Boom. No fuss, no muss.

Except for the fact that you are now waiting on 5 people to pay you for their share, all of whom refuse to fork over a penny more then exactly what it was that they ordered. Come on, guys. 

However, one app is here to save the day. With Square Cash, it's just as easy to send and receive money as it is for you to wave away your friends' attempts at math and throw your debit card down. 

In fact, it might be even easier than that, because Square Cash has partnered with Apple to make cash transactions possible via iMessage. It doesn't get much quicker than that. Besides, half the table already has their phones out, anyway.

3. You want to maintain your title of "the chill friend"

You have the most chill out of all your friends. You roll with the punches, you never cause fights, and you never get mad when someone shows up to an outing with a significant other who was definitely not invited but "It's totally okay! The more the merrier!" 

And even though the majority of the time you are screaming internally at all the nonsense happening around you, you're not ready to give up your super #chill reputation. 

4. You feel bad bringing it up 

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The majority of your friends are struggling actors/musicians/street artists/puppeteers, so you are well aware of their financial situations. 

More often than not, they're super strapped for cash. Not only that, but they're having an "emotional crisis" because no one showed up to their play reading/art show/performance piece (except you, because as previously established, you're a chump). 

It's never really an opportune time to bring up the fact that they owe you roughly $75. So you do what any one else would in your shoes: passive aggressively tweet about it in the hopes that they will recognize the stress they are causing you and promptly correct their behavior. 

5. ... But you have bills to pay, too. 

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Hey, you've got expenses too. You can't just provide for everyone else's free ride all the time. Even though you listened to your mother's advice and studied finance in college, and therefore have a reliable, steady income, you've got your own shit.

The rent's not going to pay itself, and the $20 your friends each still owe you from that group dinner a few weeks ago really adds up. 

6. You're tired of keeping track

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You can only send so many "gentle reminder" messages to your friends before it just becomes redundant and therefore, completely ineffective. 

They practically come to expect your weekly check-in about the cash they owe you from the music festival last month, and are prepared with their usual litany of excuses. 

With the Square Cash app, if your friends have time to send an excuse via iMessage, they have time to send payment via iMessage - which thankfully is an option through the app. 

Now there's no need for the tedious task of following up with everyone that owes you money - one iMessage is all it takes. 

Check out How You Can Get Rid of Friends That Pay You in IOU's with Square Cash Right Here.

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