If You Want It Done Right: 6 Reasons Why You Absolutely Have to DIY Your NYC Apartment

Your home is your sanctuary, right? 

Well, in New York City, it's sometimes tough to make it feel like one. 

Between the noxious fumes blowing through your windows on a daily basis, more than occasional run ins with cockroaches, and blaring sirens keeping you up at night, you often wonder why you pay so much friggin' money to live here. 

Paintzen offers incredible DIY painting services, including a selection of 3,500 premium Benjamin Moore shades, all of the paint and supplies that you need to complete the job. 

The harsh surroundings of city life make it even more crucial to keep your living spaces in tip top shape, and more importantly, a place you're proud of and comfortable in.

That's where the concept of DIY comes in. Not only is it a slippery slope to trust anyone else with your interior decorating needs, it also just makes you feel hella good to do it yourself. 

With Paintzen, it's quick, easy, and even fun to transform your space via paint color. And you know as much as we do how impactful a paint job is on a home makeover (thank you, HGTV). 

Paintzen offers incredible DIY painting kits, including a selection of 3,500 premium Benjamin Moore shades, all of the paint and supplies that you need to complete the job. You can even receive your supplies within 24 hours of ordering. Also, it's way cheaper than paying someone to paint for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover all the reasons you should be DIY-ing your space, right now. 

1. You'll feel like a badass


The last time you can recall making anything with your own two hands was pre-k, when you and your classmates crafted Mother's Day something or others out of macaroni. 

But admit it - your four-year-old self felt like a total boss, especially when it was clear that your card was the best. The teacher even called you out specifically for managing to keep your glue on the macaroni and not all over everything like the other chumps in your class.


Painting your own adult apartment all by yourself is sure to recreate this feeling, and on a WAY bigger scale. Now when your friends come over and compliment the flawless paint job and gorgeous color selection, you can take full credit, and subsequently feel superior to them. #friendship

Of course, secrets don't make friends, so tell your friends that all of this was possible with Paintzen's new DIY program

2. You should never trust Craigslist


If Catfish taught us anything, it's that you can't trust anyone in this world, especially on the internet. 

Which is why when it comes to painting your apartment, you have a hard time trusting it in someone else's hands, let alone a stranger you found on an infamously sketchy community forum. 

How do you know that this "painter" knows what they're doing? Or that they're even really a professional painter and not just some dude with a Lowe's gift card? 

And then there's the fact that there's definitely no way that they care about the final product as much as you do. It's in your best interest to just handle it yourself. 

And with Paintzen, it can be totally hassle-free. Simply give them the details of your space and plans for your project, and they'll send you everything you need to complete your paint job from start to cleanup. 

3. It's what Oprah would do


Yes, Oprah definitely has her own people to paint her home for her. In fact, she has her own people who's job it is to tell those people to paint her home.

But still, Oprah would want you, and all similarly common beings, to take charge of your life by way of your apartment.

She would tell you that by transforming your physical space, you are also transforming your emotional space. She would rattle off something about balancing your chakras. 

And you would listen, because she's Oprah.

4. It's super Instagram-worthy


What else is Instagram for if not subtly and strategically letting your followers know how great you're doing?

Snapping a casual yet aesthetically pleasing photo of your new DIY'd space is the absolutely perfect way to let all your exes and former classmates now that you're doing just fine, thank you very much.

Just make sure to hashtag #DIY.

5. All those hours of Pinterest-ing will finally pay off


Remember that summer internship that you took in college because your parents were nagging you about getting a job during the summer break? The one where you sat a desk for 8 hours a day like a zombie?

The only sensible way to pass the time was to log onto Pinterest and spend the entire day immersing yourself in the surprisingly vast world of tablecloth design. 


You've pinned so many photos of interior spaces, you're essentially a walking HGTV host. And you desperately need an outlet for that knowledge. 

Take that pent-up inspiration out on your walls with over 3,500 high-quality Benjamin Moore paints to choose from with Paintzen's DIY kits

6. #Adulting 


You're well aware of the fact that by this point in your life, you should have certain life skills (how to balance a checkbook, cook a meal that doesn't involve the microwave, etc.). You're also well aware of the fact that you are lacking most of these skills.

Honestly, what did they even teach us in college? 

Regardless, it's time to get your sh*t together, once and for all. And one of the best ways to do that is to channel your Netflix-watching energy into something actually constructive - like finally getting around to painting your apartment.

With Paintzen, your transition to #adulting is not only easy, but actually fun. Who knew? 

And, best of all, it's fool-proof. They'll send you the exact amount of paint you need to complete the job, as well as all the supplies you need. Even you can't screw that up. 

Get Started on Learning How to DIY Your Tiny NYC Apartment with Paintzen Right Here.

[Feature Image Courtesy Pinterest] 

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