Cookin' Up To Be A Classic: 6 Heavenly Food Vendors You Absolutely Have to Try at Governors Ball This Weekend

The time is finally here: GOV BALL 2016. We've waited patiently through the ice-cold winter and temperamental "spring", and now, finally, we are welcoming summer with open arms.

And yeah, we know that summer doesn't technically begin for another month, but now that NYC music festivals are starting up, in our book, the season has officially arrived. 

The lineup is incredible: Kanye West, Jamie XX, Two Door Cinema Club, Robyn, Public Access T.V., and many, many more. It's going to be amazing.

But aside from the music (dare we say, even BETTER than the music..?) is one very important element: the food. 

Okay, okay, maybe a pulled pork sandwich can't top a flawless performance from Father John Misty, but it certainly helps take the experience from enjoyable to transcendental. 

Read on to discover the food vendors you absolutely cannot miss at Gov Ball 2016.

1. Asia Dog


New Yorkers just love to take a simple food and make it fancy as hell, don't we? 

We're certainly not complaining. These Asian-inspired hot dogs come bursting with deliciously unique toppings like picked veggies, mango salsa, and cucumber. 


It's essentially a perfect festival food, so make sure to stop by the Asia Dog truck between sets. 

2. Coolhaus


These guys have basically perfected the whole soft-but-not-too-soft cookie thing, a crucial element in any respectable ice cream sandwich. 

They also offer a ton of killer cookie/ice cream combos, so you'll definitely want to grab one to help you cool off at the festival. 

With scorching temps this weekend, they're bound to melt at lightning speeds, but we don't forsee that being an issue. #nommed

3. Mac Truck

We thought that plain old mac and cheese was already a perfect food, but we were wrong. Oh, how we were wrong.

Mac Truck takes our appreciation for this cheesy delicacy to a whole other level, with toppings like bread crumbs, sriracha, pulled pork, and bacon. It's like music to our ears. 

4. Burger Warrior


We're pretty sure that when Sir Mix a lot said, "You don't got none unless you got buns, hun," he was referring to the beautifully crafted, perfectly round rolls that Burger Warrior's creations are served on.

Seriously, the things are works of art.

You'll definitely want to refuel at the festival with one of these beauties, and don't forget about the side of fries.

5. Phil's Steaks


It's really not THAT much of a trek to Philly for a cheese steak, but we're New Yorkers. We expect everything we want to be at our fingertips (and for what we pay to live here, why the hell should't we?).


Phil's is the answer to our prayers. Giant, authentic, mouth-watering cheese steaks are all any sane individual really wants, right? Right. 

6. Tacombi

Any decent music festival wouldn't be complete without tacos. This is common knowledge.

Thankfully, Tacombi will be setting up shop this year at Gov Ball, offering their well-loved menu that includes favorites such as their chicken quesadilla and crispy fish tacos.

We'll certainly be grabbing one. Or three. Or seven. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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