Get a hold of yourselves, people. Snag the nearest napkin or sleeve 'cuz you're about to drool all over your nice work pants. 

From the majestic bakery, who brought us the Cronut and the Cookie Shot, comes an event of epic pie-portions.

Starting September 13th, every Wednesday and Thursday our dear pie-fessional Dominique Ansel will be serving up unlimited slices of nine new pie-pie-what's another pun for pie-

Okay, we can't even with the puns anymore, now we're just at our wit's end with hype. 


Dominique Ansel Bakery will unleash their newest pie creations, as well as beautiful dollops of ice cream and dessert wines, and honestly we don't even care that tickets are $50 we've just died and gone to heaven.

Tickets are available for Pie Night starting today, Monday, August 28th at noon through Resy and girl, we don't even need to tell you that we've already set a reminder on our phones to get tickets because this is literally the best thing to happen to us since we don't know when.


Who else is coming??

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]