6 Upgrades to the Dating Scene Every Single New Yorker Would Be DTF For

Dating in New York City is notoriously difficult. We walk fast, we talk fast, and we don’t have time for anyone or anything that wastes that time. Online dating seemed like a way to fix these problems... 

Lord! Internet, am I right?!

But then came the painful reminder that dating apps and online dating were still, like, you know, the internet. 

And let's not even attempt to unravel everything wrong with the internet. Lord! Internet, am I right?!

At the end of the day, we gotta ask: Who wants to swipe through those hundreds of people if none of them have similar interests? NOBODY.

NYC needs an upgrade... or a few... or a few dozen. We're not asking for much, really. We're really only asking for like 6 things.  

1. Built-in conversation starters


How can anyone start a conversation—let alone find love—from a profile made up of two photos and an empty bio? 

New Yorkers are known for getting to the point, but come on! out-of-office email signatures provide more information than that. 

Share your likes and dislikes! Tell us where you like to drink coffee on Sunday morning! Or, better yet, show us how compatible we already are by showing us each other's professional ambitions, lifestyle, and other actually relevant deetz from the very beginning.  

2. Knowing where to hang


Speaking of drinking coffee...knowing where your next-best-and-possibly-last crush likes to hang out is a major plus. 

Whether you prefer dive bars in Brooklyn, speakeasies in Manhattan, or play the forever satisfying game of blind pick-em' in Queens, you can connect immediately over your favorite spots—or have an excuse to say, “I’ve been meaning to try that place! Show me around?”

You know all the cool places in your neighborhood, but even you like to get out of your 10-block radius every once in awhile. 

With The Inner Circle, you can check out the list of favorite hangout spots the other awesome single people have already vetted and given their approval. Better than a five-star rating on Yelp!

3. Eliminating that “hookup” expectation


Online dating has come a long way and the stigma once associated with it being for losers has almost disappeared. 

Yet, certain apps have a certain reputation for producing nothing more than casual hookups. 

Netflix and chill is so 2016; we can do better, New York. Get yourself an app who knows you’re worth more, and the people using it do, too.

4. Waste-of-time proof


Who’s guilty of doing a little creeping on an online match before meeting IRL? *raises hand* 

Who has discovered through aforementioned creeping that their online match is actually already in a relationship? *raises hand again* 

Who’s the creep now, huh? Let someone else discover those secrets before you waste any of your precious time and energy.

Not only that, when you're dating within The Inner Circle, you're already testing the waters in a smaller, less garbagey dating pool, where you're not doomed to waste your time with someone who might be great, but inevitably isn't compatible because they're nowhere close to you in either your current professional walk or lifetime ambition.

5. Fewer creeps


Online dating can be scary. There’s an entire TV show based on the concept of “catfishing” love interests online. Everyone knows someone who’s gone a date with someone who looks different from their profile photo (at best) and acts nothing like their online personas. 

Hence the concept of a Plan B: telling your friend to call you after 30 minutes to provide an emergency out. Give your friend a break and go out with someone who is who they say they are.

Here's to bypassing that whole swarm of creepers!

6. Less awkward situations


Asking someone out can be intimidating, even for the most confident New Yorker. Meeting online matches offline at exclusive members-only events—people that are actually compatible with you? That's more like it.  

Take a Dive into a More Compatible Dating Pool with The Inner Circle Right Here.

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