6 Craziest Coffee Drinks in NYC (That Aren't the Unicorn Frappuccino)

There was no escaping the Unicorn Frappuccino when it took over the world– or at least its Instagram feeds– last month. 

But it was only available for less than a week, which got us thinking what other kind of colorful coffee drinks are out there?

NYC's coffee shops are serving up everything from mermaid-inspired lattes to hybrid donut creations.

And the best part is these drinks are available year-round.

Whether you're looking to fill the Unicorn Frappuccino-sized hole in your heart or want to switch it up from your normal black coffee or cappuccino, here are some of the craziest coffee drinks you can try in NYC: 

1. The Merbabe Latte


The End at 522 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn has answered to the Unicorn trend with another mythical creature – the mermaid. The Merbabe is plant-based and made with flavors like dragon fruit, strawberry, coconut milk and topped with sprinkles and pearls.

2. Creamarts


These cute drinks come in three flavors: chocolate, matcha, and red velvet. They're so cute, in fact, you won't want to drink it! Head to Sweet Moment at 106 Mott Street to get your paws on one of these bear-faced lattes. 

3. The Donutccino


The retro-inspired Gossip Coffee at 3704 30th Ave in Astoria has combined two of your morning favorites – coffee and doughnuts – to create The Donutccino. The frozen drink is topped with chocolate syrup, sprinkles and topped with a miniature through the straw. 

4. The Original Unicorn Latte


Also home to the Merbabe Latte (see #1), The End in Brooklyn claims to be the original creator of the Unicorn coffee drink. The bright blue latte is colored with natural ingredients and topped with sprinkles. And the good news is that it's around for longer than a limited time.

5. Rainbow Iced Latte

This rainbow iced latte has all of the fun colors but none of the bad-for-you fillers. Flavored with natural ingredients like beetroot, blue algae, turmeric and cayenne pepper it is one of the most healthful rainbow drinks you could order. Try it at The Good Sort at 5 Doyers Street in Manhattan.

6. Semeon Abay

There's no rainbow colors or unicorn-inspired flavors to be found at Extraction Lab but it definitely has one of the craziest coffee offerings in New York. A cup of Semeon Abay coffee is the country's most expensive at $18 a pop and you can order it by visiting Extraction Lab at 51 35th Street in Brooklyn.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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