'Bout to Be a Contender: 6 Can't-Miss Acts Throwing Down at Governors Ball on Sunday


And we'll be there, with bells on. That's right, we'll be there all weekend, bringing you first-hand coverage of all the epicness that's going down.

The lineup is super impressive - Robyn, Kanye West, and The Strokes are just a few of the bigger names set to perform.

But there's also a ton of lesser known, but equally as talented musicians playing the festival.

These rad artists deserve just as much love as Kanye, even though Kanye would disagree with that statement.

Check out our roundup of some underrated artists that we're totally psyched to see at Gov Ball this Sunday.

1. Tor Miller (11:55 a.m. @ GOVBALLNYC Stage)

BK, represent. 

This indie pop singer was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and drew early inspiration from artists like David Bowie, Elton John, and Fleetwood Mac. Oh also, he has the voice of an angel. 


His EP, Headlights, came out last year and received positive reviews - the most popular of which was his soulful track "Midnight."

2. Whitney (12:25 p.m. @ Big Apple Stage)

You know how sometimes you just want to feel all the things? Well, listening to Whitney will definitely help you do that.

The duo, formed in Chicago and both ex-members of the band Smith Westerns, crank out beautifully sad tunes that'll have you cursing the day you ever considered Bon Iver the king of melancholy. 

3. Day Wave (12:25 p.m. @ Bacardi House Stage)

Day Wave, who's real name is Jackson Phillips, started out as a drummer at Berklee College of Music before who transitioned from jazz drumming to alternative rock songwriting. 

His super chill, melodic songs such as "Drag" will have you wishing you were cruising the open roads with the windows down, rather than shuffling down a crowded New York City street. 

4. Vince Staples (2:40 p.m. @ Honda Stage)

Okay, so he's from Long Beach, California, and Governors Ball is "By New Yorkers, for New Yorkers." Okay. Whatever.

If you didn't listen to Summertime '06, arguably the second-best rap album of last year (depending on whether you classify Kendrick's To Pimp a Butterfly as rap or hip-hop), get on it. 

Vince has got flow for days. Except it's killer, so it's not really for days. It's only as long as you can last listening to it before going, "Holy sh*t, I just died that's so amazing."

5. Courtney Barnett (5:25 p.m. @ Big Apple Stage)

Festivals have a really weird way of pairing the perfect acts, either in the same day or over the course of the whole weekend. If Father John Misty is the Godfather of hipster satire and sensibility, Courtney Barnett is rapidly reaching that same plateau with her lo-fi garage band sound and witty lyrics. 


She recently killed it on SNL, but we're definitely looking forward to Sunday's performance at Gov Ball. 

6. Two Door Cinema Club (7:00 p.m. @ GOVBALLNYC Stage)

They haven't released a full LP since Beacon back in 2012, but this Irish band seemed to sort of pick up the indie-rock mantle The Strokes and The Killers left behind, put it on wax, and made it something absurdly danceable. 

Their first album, Tourist History, is bonkers, Beacon is a pretty swift kick in the pants, and their set on Sunday night is going to be killer. 

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