6 Best Drinks (and Where to Get 'Em) to Keep Warm During This Bitter Cold Weather in NYC

We've talked about wintertime drinking a lot. We mean A LOT. 

There's been those bars to keep warm, the best New York City bars with fireplaces, and then those year-round rooftop bars (and don't forgot those heated rooftop bars), right? Right. 

This winter's weather also has flitted between extremes of record breaking warmth over Christmas and record breaking cold over Valentine's Day weekend

With another winter storm on the horizon, we're itching for some relief from the cold. 

And by relief, we mean the instant heat that permeates through the body upon the sip of a delicious, warm alcoholic beverage. 

These winter cocktails won't only offer you a booze blanket, but they'll get you out of that seasonal depression funk you've been in since you've had your last summertime sangria. 

Here are some of the best winter cocktails (in no particular order) to keep you warm this winter. (Your bones will thank us later... your liver? Not so much.) 

1. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes from Angel's Share (8 Stuyvesant Street)

iamjun.j One of a kind cocktail spot. 🍷🔮#whiskeycocktail #smoky #nyc #eastvillage #cocktailbar #holidays #chill

Creative cocktails are a must when it comes to warm winter drinks. Sure, anyone can whip out the bourbon and sip until you can no longer feel the cold, or your face for that matter, but it's another type of warmth entirely when you get a drink that's just plain delicious. 

This little speakeasy is hidden in a sushi restaurant, but is certainly worth the adventure to find it. 


Make sure to order the "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," and watch the bartender whip up bourbon that is poured into a smoke infused glass table side. 

The bartender captures smoke from burning wood shavings, covers the glass with a plate, and pour the bourbon into the glass prior to the smoke escaping completely. It adds a smokey flavor which will heat you up body and soul. 

2. Hot Buttered Rum from Lucey's Lounge (475 3rd Avenue- Brooklyn)

luceyslounge Dead of Winter Cocktail List @luceyslounge Beat the cold with a Ginger Toddy, Hot Buttered Rum, Irish Coffee or a hot cocoa masterpiece, the Black Mamba! Food served late #brooklynbars #bestbarsinbrooklyn #luceysloungebk #happyhour #happyhourbrooklyn #barfood #fingerf #jazzbrooklyn #jazz #jazznyc #vice #vicetravelguidetonyc #luceysloungebk #gowanus

Sometimes when it feels like a frozen tundra outside, you just have to find a warm, inviting bar with great drinks, delicious food, and talented live musicians. That's pretty much why we love Lucey's Lounge in Brooklyn.

On a freezing cold night, we're ordering the "Hot Buttered Rum," made with Dzama Noir rum, coconut and vanilla black tea syrup, and a Coruba dark rum float. Add the fact that they give out free spiced popcorn, and you've pretty much found yourself your new favorite bar. 

3. Cameron's Kick from Dutch Kills (27-24 Jackson Avenue- Queens)

locombian Last drink 😜 #turnup

Want a small speakeasy in Long Island City that's making some of the best cocktails in all of the five boroughs? You need to get to Dutch Kills. Apart from unique drinks and killer service, Dutch Kills has an unassuming attitude that you can't find at a Manhattan speakeasy. 


Once you're there, try "Cameron's Kick," made with Irish whiskey, Scotch whiskey, fresh lemon juice and house-made orgeat. 

What is orgeat? It's a syrup made with sugar, almonds, and either rose or orange flower water. It adds sweetness and a distinctive almond flavoring to the drink. 


4. Firecracker #2 from Louie and Chan (303 Broome Street)

thesamepaigeco Tuesday nights mean 35-cent Prohibition Cocktails at @louieandchan 1920s Chan's Parlor 7-8pm and $7 after with live jazz & burlesque. #louieandchan #chansparlor #lowereastside #chinatownnyc #1920s #livejazz #nycnightlife #burlesque

We've talked about Louie and Chan before. What can we say? We're huge fans of this small, beautiful little restaurant and cocktail lounge serving up incredibly creative cocktails. 

They even have a happy hour, called Lucky Fives at Five, where beer, wine, pizzettes, and some cocktails are only $5 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. daily. 


But if you really want to warm up, try the "Firecracker #2" made with Pierre Ferrand cognac, lemon juice, spicy apple gastrique, Mandarine Napoleon, St Elizabeth All Spice Dram, cinnamon and nutmeg. It's essentially the spicy/sweet cocktail of our dreams.

5. Baked Alaska from Park Avenue Winter (360 Park Avenue South)

elderflower74 About last night. #BakedAlaska and #HomeAlone. Love it when you can have a dessert or movie in drink form. #ParkAvenueWinter

If you've never been to Park Avenue, you should really check it out four times in one year. Why? Because the menu changes with the season, along with its name. 

Currently, we're still in the dead of winter, so we're sticking with foods and drinks that will take away the frigid outdoor chill. Their drink menu is exceptional, with unique takes on classics. 

We love their "Triple Dog Dare" with ancho chili bourbon, ginger, black walnut & allspice dram, but it's not our number one choice for a winter warm up cocktail. Instead, you need to try the "Baked Alaska."

This is baked Alaska like you've never seen it before. No, it's not ice cream nor cake, but a drink made with gin, yellow chartreuse, orange bitters, and topped with a flamed lemon meringue. It's just plain delicious. 

6. Vanishing Act from the Dead Rabbit (30 Water Street)

deadrabbitnyc "Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat." If there was every a day for an Irish Coffee today is that day.

The Dead Rabbit makes some of our favorite drinks in NYC. There, we said it. They have some of the most delicious Irish coffee in NYC, but we're obsessed with their "Vanishing Act."


This drink is made with Plantation pineapple rum, Cutty Sark Prohibition blended scotch whiskey, Pineau des Charentes, Dry Curacao, fig, burlesque and decanter bitters. 

Essentially, it's the perfect mix for any tropical drink lover toned down for a cold weather night. 

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