It's About Time to Hit That Reset Button on Life: 6 Best Ways to Get That Fresh New Start in NYC

Liz Lemon was all of us when she proclaimed, entire sandwich in her mouth, "I can have it all!"

We felt her. We felt her so hard. Because in reality, it's super difficult to have it all. In fact, it's pretty impossible. Things will inevitably go wrong, no matter how hard you try. 

But the good news is this: you can always start over. 

And what better place to start over than New York City? It's the perfect location to begin a whole new life, meet new people, maybe take on a take name.

With Paintzen's amazing new painting DIY service, you get every single thing you need to revamp your home, as well as over 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors to choose from.

Okay, maybe not the name thing. That could get very confusing and also requires a great deal of paperwork. 

But nonetheless, there are plenty of ways to adjust to your new life in The Big Apple. 

The most important of which is to make your living situation as comfortable as possible. It's super easy (and fun) with Paintzen

With Paintzen's amazing new painting DIY kits, you get every single thing you need to revamp your home, as well as over 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors to choose from.

Read on to discover all of the ways you can make a new life for yourself in NYC. 

1. Make your place your own


It may seem like you spend more time on the subway than your actual home, but your apartment is where you pay rent, so you've got to make sure you're settled there. 

And you definitely don't want it to look like it did when you first signed the lease, with cat hair and a mysterious stench still lingering from the previous renters. 

No way. It's essential to make this space your own, especially now that you're recovering from whatever breakup/job termination/horrible thing you've come to New York to escape from. 

A Paintzen DIY project is the perfect way to start over in NYC. Within just 24 hours of selecting your paint color, they'll send along your very own painting kit to jump-start your apartment makeover. They make ordering supplies, painting your place, and cleanup all super easy. 

2. Get to know your bodega guy


This is essential to NYC living. It should be a top priority, right behind submitting your change of address paperwork. 


To out-of-towners, the bodega guy is simply the person who hands you your bagel or swipes your debit card. But to New Yorkers, he is so much more than that. 

Not only is he your gateway to the after-hours bacon, egg & cheese you stumble in for after a night of drinking; he is your therapist, your confidant, your friend. 

He recognizes when you need a large coffee and he'll never quite get your name right. 

He's not just any bodega guy. He's your bodega guy.  

3. Take yourself on a tour 


You'll likely fall victim to dramatic eye rolls from native New Yorkers, but hitting all the touristy spots is the perfect way to acquaint yourself with the city and truly feel like you're a part of it. 

Plus, as a newcomer, you have a solid excuse for doing all the cliche stuff. Once you've been a New Yorker for a few years, taking a guided tour of the Statue of Liberty is just a little sad. 

4. Join a dating app


Yes, you've heard your fair share of horror stories, especially for naive newcomers like yourself. 

But joining dating apps is a great way to meet people in your city; it's not exclusively for finding a hookup. (Although, you can totally go for that, too.) 

Just, you know, be honest about what it is you're looking for, and you're golden. 

5. Learn a new skill

There's nothing quite as empowering as taking control of your life in the form of a new skill, especially when it seems like everyone around you is #adulting super hard and you still can't figure out how to fold a fitted sheet. (Is it even POSSIBLE?) 

So why not take your apartment makeover into your own hands - literally? 

Paintzen offers fast, easy DIY painting kits that will leave you feeling like the Queen/King of your castle. 

Just let them know your plans, choose from over 3,500 premium Benjamin Moore shades, and they'll send you everything you need. 

Now, not only will you have a gorgeous apartment, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you made it happen all by yourself. #boom

6. Hang out with your coworkers

Although hundreds of internet quizzes have told you that you're a semi-contemplative extrovert with occasional introverted qualities, all you ever want to do after a day's work is go home and collapse. 

But forcing yourself to accept your co-workers' weekly happy hour invitation will definitely pay off in the long run. 

Not only will you get to know your workmates and consequentially feel more comfortable at your job, you can also take advantage of a group of already-adjusted New Yorkers with wisdom and knowledge to spare. 

Check out How Paintzen Is the Best Companion for a Fresh Start in NYC Right Here.

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