Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles! 6 Best Spots for Delicious Bubble Tea in NYC

If you're anything like us, you can drink iced coffee and cold drinks all year round, because they are delicious and only peasants surrender their beverages in the face of cold weather. 

But now that it's summer, we can more comfortably sip our icy treats, without feeling like Leo in The Revenant. #datoscartho

But Frappucino's and whatever Dunkin is churning out this season can only hold our interest for so long - by mid-summer, we're craving something sweet, classic, and authentic. 

That's where bubble tea comes in - it's the perfect summer treat, and there's no shortage of amazing tea joints in New York City. 

From age-old hole in the wall shops, to trendy Midtown spots, we've got you covered. 

Read on to discover the best places to grab an ice cold bubble tea this summer. 

1. Teado Tea Shop (145 Hester Street)

Teado is about as legit as it gets.

They brew all their tea fresh to order - no powders or weird syrups here. So you can be assured that it's super fresh and super tasty.


They also have a selection of snacks available including incredible Japanese rice balls, which make a perfect savory compliment to your sweet bubble tea. 

2. Vivi Bubble Tea (multiple NYC locations)


This place is known not only for their tasty bubble tea, but also for their unparalleled popcorn chicken. Might seem like a random combination, but hey, we're not fighting it. 

When it comes to their teas, we recommend the Grapefruit and Thai Iced. And make sure to bring cash - most of their locations don't accept cards. 

3. Kung Fu Tea (multiple NYC locations)

All you black coffee drinking, Frappuccino poo-pooing humans out there, Kung Fu Tea might just be the joint for you.

Not only does this shop serve both tea and coffee, they allows each customer to control the sweetness level of their bubble tea, because not everyone can handle a super sweet beverage. 

Boom. Everyone wins. 

4. Ten Ren Tea & Ginseng (13518 Roosevelt Avenue, Queens)


Craving some high-quality, classic, refreshing bubble tea? LOOK NO FURTHER.

Ten Ren is the go-to spot for some delish bubble tea in classic flavors like Taro and Thai Iced Tea. You'll pay a little bit more here, but the tea is super authentic and absolutely amazing, so it's completely worth it. 

5. Boba Guys (23 Clinton Street)

These guys know what they're doing.

Not only is the staff super knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to selecting your perfect tea, they also have tons of super unique and delicious flavors.


Jasmine-Strawberry Fresca, Rose Black Tea, and Coconut Green Tea are just a few of their must-try items.  

6. Gong Cha (75 West 38th Street) 


The hole in the wall places are always the best places, right? We all know this.

Gong Cha is one of those joints - a teensy little tea shop in Midtown serving up some of the best bubble tea in NYC. 

There are both sweetened and unsweetened drinks, and a huge variety of flavors. Our fav is the Lemon Winter Melon with basil seeds - HELLO SUMMER. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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