Time to Stomp Those Boots? 6 Best Spots to Celebrate Country Music in NYC

Who doesn’t love a good reason to say “Yee-haw!" tip your proverbial hat, and look smokin’ hot in some country western boots? No one, that’s who. 

Well, it’s your lucky day because September 17th is National Country Music Day, and you have the perfect excuse to toss back the whiskey, pop a cold one, embrace songs about trucks, and break out your lasso. 

In a jam packed city, why not head out for the night into a cramped New York City bar and pretend you’re in a wide open country space? Why. The. Hell. Not.

Cliches aside, let’s be real: everyone has at least one country song they can get down with. It tells a story, makes us feel good, helps us hold onto summer just a touch longer, and because…’Merica. 

No matter what, we know that country music fans know how to have some serious boot kickin’ fun. 

So saddle up, we’re about to school you in 6 NYC bars to kill it in Country Music Appreciation 101. Pro tip: Leave your confederate flag sh*t at home. This is about music, not racist heritage. 

1. The Waylon (736 10th Avenue)


Scuff up your boots at this Hell’s Kitchen spot while gettin' down to your country roots to a perfect mix of classic and modern jukebox country jams. 


With a can of beer and shot combo deal at $8, not to mention the cheese curds and queso + chips? You’ll be feelin the country vibe in no time.

2. Skinny Dennis (152 Metropolitan Avenue - Brooklyn)


We’d like to say that the live music, magical saloon feels, or even the reading material decorating the generously graffiti-ed walls are our favorite things about this country dive bar. 

But nope, it’s most definitely the free peanuts and liberty to chuck the shells all over the GD floor for boot crushin’.

3. Hill Country Barbecue Market (30 West 26th Street - Brooklyn)


If someone says the word “country” and all you hear is “meat” then this is the joint for you. Bbq’d meat abounds in this Chelsea honky-tonk, with live music to boot (pun intended). 

 What better way to pay homage to country music, than with LIVE country music, obviously.

4. Doc Hollidays (141 Avenue A)

This East Village country dive is a wallet happy pick. With perpetual $3 Rolling Rocks, you can loosen up for your shot at the classic staple, Big Buck Hunter. 

As if that’s not enough, there’s also a pool table and jukebox for your entertainment pleasure. Plenty of toe tappin and twang speakin opps here.

5. Flaming Saddles Saloon (793 9th Avenue)

That name though. Yes, it’s a gay bar. Yes, it’s cash only. And yes, this Hell’s Kitchen saloon promises country music all night long, happy hours with two for ones, and bartenders dancing on the bar showcasing some sweet sweet moves. 


They also claim “a bag of chips never tasted so good” in reference to their enchanted 'frito pie' creation. We like the way you think, FSS.

6. The Patriot Saloon (110 Chambers Street)


This is two levels of divey bar fun- literally, it’s two floors. Who knew they had $2.50 PBR cans hidden in Tribeca? 

This spot is a smorgasbord of random- a mix of country & rock, mismatched furniture and décor, and it’s adorned with bras. Yep, bras. So, howdy, let’s get rowdy. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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