6 Best Eateries & Broadway Shows for Winter Restaurant Week in NYC

Things are about to get crazy in New York City. If you buy tickets to select Broadway shows between January 19th and February 5th, the tickets are two-for-one.

Yes, that means you can get tickets for all the shows you've been craving to see, and you can buy one for whoever you want to go with at the same price you'd typically buy one for yourself.

Guess what's also happening in NYC around the same time? Yes, you guessed it: Restaurant Week.

Restaurant Week is this winter in NYC from January 18th to February 5th. During Restaurant Week you can dine heartily at the crème de la crème, the most delicious, fancy restaurants in NYC for $38 three-course dinners and $25 three-course lunches.

Which means those of us who usually can't afford to indulge in NYC's most elaborate restaurants will get to treat ourselves to this cuisine.

We had a really great idea. You should pair up your delicious Restaurant Week choice with a really great Broadway show. We mean, these deals are too good to pass up, so why not treat yourself to both?

1. Allegiance and Haru Gramercy Park (220 Park Avenue South)

allegiancebway "This is our time. Our time now." 🇺🇸 Photo by @murphymade #allegiancebway #allegiance #Broadway #NYC #theatre #leasalonga #katieroseclarke #tellyleung #georgetakei #michaelklee

Why not match an artistic exploration of Japanese culture with an immersion in Japanese sustenance?

That sounds like a really good idea to us, especially because Haru is delicious and this is one of your best shots to eat everything they've got without running your bank account dry.

The crunchy spicy salmon rolls at Haru are truly revolutionary, and so is George Takei's staged depiction of his family's imprisonment in America's Japanese internment camps in Allegiance.


Allegiance depicts an important cultural moment in the United States' history. It's important to learn about the plight of the 120,000 Japanese who were interned in the United States so nothing like that ever happens again.

After you're thoroughly impacted by a moving performance in Allegiance, get to Haru and thoroughly satiate your appetite. Sound good? Get tickets to Allegiance here.

2. The Humans (240 West 44th Street) and Blue Water Grill (31 Union Square West)

bluewatergrill_ 🐟 It's a #SEAFOODIE battle royale this Tuesday as our French Bouillabaisse (featured in pic) is served alongside our Italian Cioppino. Both are served with wines from their respected regions, this Tuesday beginning at 6:30pm for $29.95. With seafood this good, we think they're both winners! #BluewaterGrill #cioppino #clams #calamari #Instagood #Instafood #picoftheday #food #foodie #foodies #foodporn #fish #seafood #cheflife #redondobeach #newportbeach #coronado #orangecounty #losangeles #sandiego #vscocam #phoenix #arizona

If you love food and you live in NYC, you should make sure you try Blue Water Grill at least once during your time here. It's offering Restaurant Deals for lunch and dinner on weekdays, so your options are essentially limitless.

If you do come to Blue Water Grill, make sure you try the sesame crusted big eye tuna for a sensory experience like one you've never had before.

We start salivating just thinking about the blackened swordfish, Maine lobster, king crab legs, and ceviche at Blue Water Grill.

After you've thoroughly treated yourself to a meal at Blue Water Grill, or before, depending on your schedule, check out a showing of The Humans. It chronicles the gushing forth of a family's secrets, resentments, and grudges over Thanksgiving dinner.

Get tickets to The Humans here.

3. Fun Home (237 West 50th Street) and Kellari Taverna (19 West 44th Street)

funhomemusical Welcome to our house on 50th Street.

Fun Home has got to be the greatest artistic achievement since Rent. It's every bit as brave, revolutionary, fresh and inspiring.

Fun Home is the kind of play that gets in your heart and veins and power washes out your insides in the best way possible. You'll leave the play completely charmed, and when you hit the street, the world will be cast in an entirely new light. Trust us, you absolutely need to see Fun Home.


After you've done all that feeling, and probably crying, you're going to be hungry. We know, we saw Fun Home, and we were definitely hungry after feeling all those feelings.

That's where Kellari Taverna comes in handy. They've got absolutely incredible grilled octopus, red snapper, and their warm chocolate cake with mousse for dessert.

Kellari Taverna is the perfect place to head to eat your feelings after you see the play that won the 2015 Tony award for best musical. Get tickets to Fun Home here.


4. Wicked (222 West 51st Street) and Armani Ristorante (717 5th Avenue)

lyric0329 ARMANI♥︎

Why not pair a classic play with a classic restaurant? 

That was our logic, at least, when we picked two timeless examples of the best sample of what these deals have to offer. 

We can get really, really passionate about both Wicked and Armani Ristorante if you get us going.


Armani has a gorgeous overlooking view of 5th Avenue, an incredible lamb chop, truffle risotto, and panna cotta, and Wicked is probably the best Broadway play there ever was. Its music will get inside you and shake up your soul.

Armani is offering restaurant week dinner on Monday through Friday, so make sure you check out a week night showing of Wicked. Grab your tickets to Wicked here.

5. The Lion King (200 West 45th Street) and Remi Restaurant (145 West 53rd Street)

sol_tribute #thelionkingbroadway #theater #today #prettygood #funny 🐱👑

Ah, The Lion King. It's every bit as emotionally intelligent as it is playful and radiating childhood nostalgia.

Seriously, just because you can have fun in The Lion King reminiscing about screaming Simba's "Oh I Just Can't Wait to be King" when you were a child, doesn't mean The Lion King doesn't have some very serious and wise life lessons to impart.

Our favorite line from The Lion King: "You can run from it, or you can learn from it, Simba." This is spoken by Rafiki, of course.

Our favorite dish at Remi Restaurant? Pretty much every single dish of homemade pasta they serve, but if we absolutely had to pick the garganelli a la remi, it's absolutely one of the best pasta dishes we've ever had.

It'll wash down perfectly with a $6 martini, and it'll also pair nicely with your immersion into The Lion King's broadway masterpiece. 

Remi Restaurant is offering Restaurant Week deals for lunches and dinners on Monday through Friday and dinners on Sunday. Get tickets to The Lion King here.

6. Les Misérables (249 West 45th Street) and Periyali (35 West 20th Street)

jslewinter Branzino! #branzino #foodporn #greek #periyali #channelingmykonos @periyalinyc

Greece is a timeless, old world country and Les Misérables is an exemplary, timeless play. Pairing the nourishment of Greece with the nourishment of the artistic accomplishment that is Les Misérables two of them is sure to yield the most ideal day we could think of.

Periyali's offering restaurant week deals on lunch and dinner on Monday through Friday, and dinner on Sunday. 


Their most notable delicacies include mousaka and tomato-stewed rabbit, perfectly prepared grilled octopus, and their famous Greek walnut cake.

As for Les Misérables, well, you should probably know how incredible it is already. It follows the life of Jean Valjean Javert in 19th-century France through an impactful, emotional journey.

Get tickets to Les Miséables here, and make reservations at Periyali ASAP.

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