Timeless & Tasty: 6 Best Old School Diners in Queens

Would you seriously date someone who didn’t love food? Admit it: living in New York City makes it hard not to be passionate about food.

So when you meet someone who isn't in love with food, do you automatically assume they are an alien? Perhaps 99% of the time this is true, but maybe they’re just not into fancy restaurants and that’s understandable.

Might we suggest taking them out to a diner instead? 

NYC is home to plenty of great diners, and some of the best old-school quality diners can be found in Queens!

Diners are an American tradition, a place where you can unwind -- all while enjoying a good meal or a cup of coffee. Plus, diners always have an option for everyone, including that pesky, beloved picky eater in your life.

So without further ado, here are the 6 best old-school diners in Queens that you should cross off your bucket-list!

1. Goodfellas Diner (56-26 Maspeth Avenue)

If you're looking for an old fashioned diner this is it! Goodfellas Diner, formerly known as the Clinton Diner, is a staple of Queens.

Famous for its inclusion in the Goodfellas film, the diner has also been featured in numerous movies and TV show spots including Brooklyn Rules, You Don’t Know Jack, and a remake of the 1979 film Going in Style.


The nostalgic 60s feel is quite evident when you first walk in, but nothing quite beats their delicious timeless meals. Enjoy their beef burger steak, or the pizza burger and some home-fries with one of their classic milkshakes.

2. Jackson Hole Diner (69-35 Astoria Blvd)

Another popular diner known for it’s appearance in Goodfellas is Jackson Hole. In fact, the diner still keeps their famous ‘Air Line Diner’ neon sign.

Serving some of the best gourmet burgers in New York since 1972, the Jackson Hole Diner is home of the 7oz burger. Plus, with a vast selection of over 50 specialty style burgers and chicken sandwiches to choose from - you won’t be disappointed.

You may also savor delectable Tex-Mex dishes, entree style salads, breakfast and veggie options.

3. Bel Aire Diner (31-91 21st Street)

When hunger strikes Bel Aire Diner will treat you right! For over 50 years, the Bel Aire Diner has been a gem in Astoria, and the best part is that this retro-style Greek diner is open 24/7.


That's right! Take full delight when choosing from their endless menu, from pancakes and burgers to seafood dishes, you’ll be more than satisfied.

Also try their amazing in house cakes too, such as the cannoli cheesecake, or the 7-layer cake.


4. Georgia Diner (86-55 Queens Blvd)

Georgia Diner in Elmhurst has been around for quite a while, since 1978 to be exact. This diner is also open 24/7.

We’d recommend any of their mouthwatering 8 oz. unbeatable burgers along with disco fries, french fries melted with cheese and gravy.


Apart from serving traditional American and Greek food, Georgia Diner’s menu also caters to the area’s diversity by serving Latino, Chinese, and Korean platters.

5. Tasty Diner (58-02 Myrtle Avenue)


Tasty Diner has been in the Ridgewood neighborhood since 1981. Tasty’s has been serving the changing population in Ridgewood for many years including immigrants from Germany, Italy, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Their most popular items include the Philly cheese steak, Belgian waffles, and their cheeseburger served with pickles, cole slaw and french fries.

Have room for dessert? Then try their New York Cheesecake, brownie, or chocolate layer cake.

6. Jahn’s Diner (81-04 37th Avenue)

Jahn’s Diner in Jackson Heights is the last remaining outpost of the Bronx-based chain founded by John Jahn in 1897. The old-fashioned diner also doubles as an ice cream parlor serving some classic and tasty ice cream creations.


Many of their ice cream sundaes carry quirky names like: the Awful Awful, Suicide Frappé, Joe Sent Me, Pink Elephant, and their most popular the Kitchen Sink sundae, a monstrous concoction of toppings and 30 scoops that serves up to 8 people.

When it comes to the food, try the delicious Jahn’s Big Breakfast, which brings a double order of bacon, three eggs, ham, sausage, served with three buttermilk pancakes, or potatoes and toast.

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