Step Away from That Grill: 6 Best Spots in NYC to Bring Your Dad to This Father's Day in NYC

Time to light up the barbecue, grab the baseball caps, and get ready to spend the day honoring the person who is half responsible for your genetic makeup. 

364 days out of the year, this man's heroic deeds (i.e., ridding your bedroom of spiders, changing your flat tire, figuring out your taxes) probably go unrecognized and unappreciated by his offspring, but on this 365th day of the year, we celebrate only him. 

Sure, Mother's Day is the restaurant industry's biggest day of the year, but that doesn't mean that dad doesn't deserve a night out as well. 

Instead of asking your father to singe his eyebrows over a flaming hot grill, treat dad to a delicious meal that won't jeopardize his personal appearance (eyebrows are only appreciated once they're gone).

Here are the best restaurants to treat your pops to a memorable Father's Day meal.

Dewey's Pub (135 West 30th Street)

What do dads really like? Well, in our cases, sports. 

Whether you like them or not, today you're celebrating dad, and that means you're going to sit down and watch the Yankees and/or Mets game with him and act like you know that CC Sabathia studied the pitching of Andy Pettitte to improve his cutter, or that David Wright has to undergo season ending surgery.


Regardless of your sports knowledge (or lack there of), bring your sports fanatic pops to Dewey's Pub. This elegant spot is jam packed with massive screen TVs showing all of the sports games your dad will love watching with you. 

Just don't forget to show him the beer list. Hint: at Dewey's Pub, it's extensive. They have 24 beers on tap. Eight of those taps are rotating, meaning your dad will get to try the best seasonal beers. For dinner you have to get the lobster mac and cheese and the bourbon bbq sandwich. Delicious. 

Keens Steakhouse (72 West 36th Street)


If your Dad is a true carnivore, as in red meat is his breakfast, lunch, and dinner, make a reservation for Keens Steakhouse... also, make him a doctors appointment because, well, cholesterol. 

What are you ordering? The prime rib. Why? Because it's out of this world. Just be sure to order a side of some veggies because... cholesterol. 

We kid. What won't we kid about? The exceptional service and food at Keens. It's top notch. Your Dad deserves the best. Bring him to Keens. 

Brooklyn Ice House (318 Van Brunt Street - Brooklyn)


Everyone knows that Father's Day is meant to be spent in the bright, warm outdoors sipping a cold beer with pops as he reminisces about the good old days or reminds you of that god-awful boyfriend you once brought home (sorry Dad). 


Instead of settling for your backyard or front stoop, head on over to the Brooklyn Ice House and treat Dad to some truly unique beers from all across the globe. Order the pulled pork sliders with some chili cheese fries. Trust us. Your Dad will really enjoy a casual afternoon at the Brooklyn Ice House. 


The Carnegie Club (156 West 56th Street)


Oh, Dad's fancy, huh? If you and your dad like to kick back and enjoy some of the finer things in life (read: cigars, Sinatra, and scotch), you'll want to try and make a reservation for The Carnegie Club. This classy AF establishment is one of the only places left in NYC where you can smoke indoors. 


Snag a reservation to their Sinatra Saturdays and kick off Father's Day Eve the right way. Bring your favorite cigar, or purchase one here, and order some small plates to share. Whether you're sipping some red wine while toasting dad over some truffled popcorn or roast beef sliders, you'll have a great time. 

Archie's Tap & Table (536 City Island Avenue - The Bronx)


Want to treat Dad to some upscale favorites? Head to City Island and grab some buttermilk fried chicken and waffles from Archie's Tap & Table. 

Not in the mood for some fried chicken? Order the grilled cajun pork chop served with forest mushroom, cream gravy, and wilted baby kale. If you're feelin' super fancy, order the peaky toe crab mac & cheese. 

Mighty Quinn's Barbeque (103 2nd Avenue)



Rather than expect Dad to spend his cherished day sweating over the grill, cut out the hard work and hit up Mighty Quinn's Barbeque for some of the best barbecue this side of the Mason Dixon line. Sure, it's in the heart of NYC, but this place is putting NYC BBQ on the map. 


Tell Dad to order the brontosaurus ribs. It's a hunk of meat reserved for the hungriest, and on Father's Day, your Pops deserves the best. Not in the mood for some ribs? Grab the chopped brisket for a truly delightful treat. 

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