Time to Mix It Up! 6 Best NYC Restaurants to Grab Some Grub This November

We think it's safe to say that we live in the best city for food.  Like, you can try and argue the point, but don't hurt yourself. 

Luckily for us, it's also (in our opinion) the best time of year to try some new restaurants and really get a taste (pun absolutely intended) for some yummy seasonal and classic dishes.

We couldn't list all of our favorites, but we started with enough to get you through the festive month of November.

Just a warning: your mouth may start to water at work.

We've compiled a list of our favorite places to flock to when the weather gets chilly and the leaves start to fall.

Stay warm, stay full, and stay golden this fall. Happy eating, New York!

1. Sagaponack NYC (4 West 22nd Street)

Tucked in between 5th and 6th Avenue, Sagaponack is known for their always changing, seasonal menu.  


Recommended Dish: The Autumn Field--Butternut squash puree, roasted carrots, cous cous & quinoa. 

2. Jack's Wife Freda (50 Carmine Street)


One look at this Instagram page, and we guarantee that you will be hopping on the subway before you can even say, bon appétit.  Jack's Wife Freda is a hot spot among us New Yorkers.  

Recommended Dish: Durban Mussels-- served with fennel, coriander curry and fries.  Anything with fries...count us in!

3. Two Hands (251 Church Street)


Open for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner AND happy hour, there is no doubt that Two Hands is definitely a crowd pleaser.  We also need to mention their Instagram too #onfleek.  

Recommended Dish: The Salmon-- with roasted carrots and radishes, with a honey lime vinaigrette. Our mouth is watering...what about you?!

4. Tacombi (267 Elizabeth Street)


Located in one of our favorite areas of Manhattan, Tacombi brings authentic Mexican food to the streets of New York.  You may think you've been eating real tacos your whole life, but trust us, you haven't until you've eaten these.  

BONUS: Tacombi uses fresh corn tortillas instead of flour. So, enjoy gluten sensitive peeps.  

Recommended Dish: Barbacoa Taco-- braised beef seasoned with house Chile powder, then wrapped in a banana leaf until the perfect amount of tender. Okay, yum.

5. Penelope's Cafe (159 Lexington Avenue)

The coziest and prettiest little cafe on Lexington Avenue.  If you have never been, go!  Penelope's Cafe truly feels like you are eating at someone's extremely well decorated cottage on a Saturday morning. 

With an extensive menu, and many dietary options, Penelope's has something for everyone.  This time of year calls for a classic, soul warming dish.  


Recommended Dish: Joey + Jack's Chicken Pot Pie-- served in a cozy cream sauce with chopped carrots, butternut squash, asparagus, and peas beneath a blanket of golden baked crust.

6. The Penrose (1590 Second Avenue)


A hidden gem as we like to call it. Located on the Upper East Side, The Penrose offers that cozy vibe we are all looking for this time of year, with a hint of that downtown hip aesthetic. Get the visual?  If not, hop on the 4,5,6 and go for yourself.  

You won't regret it... and don't mind the Second Avenue construction.  

Recommended Dish: Mac & Cheese-- with smoked gouda, fontina, scallions and breadcrumbs.  Add applewood bacon for $2.  A meal you can't go wrong with.  

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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