7 Best New Frozen Desserts in NYC You Need to Try This Summer

We don't know about you, but the second the weather gets warmer, we immediately start thinking about all the frozen goodies we get to devour– using the excuse that we need to "keep cool"– when really, it's just our sweet tooth taking over.

Of course, ice cream is the first dessert that comes to our minds, but in New York City, the real question is which ice cream do we choose? Regular ole' Mister Softee is a great classic for when you're stuck in the suburbs, but would Carrie Bradshaw simply go with basic?

In an age of bragging rights and Instagram posts, your average cone won't do. Neither will a plain hot fudge sundae, no matter how many nuts and sprinkles come on top. You've got to go big, or you may as well go home and make your own.

There is nowhere like NYC when you're looking for an inventive dessert– you can thank the cronut for that.

If you want a dessert that's enviable and tastes as good as it looks, make sure to check out these new hot spots serving up some incredible frozen edibles.

1. Allora Italian Kitchen & Bar (210-35 26th Ave– Queens)

So this one is a bit of a trek out of Manhattan to good ole' Queens, but what awaits is worth every bit of sweat on the subway. If you're a unicorn fan, try your hand at the Candy Land Sundae (Strawberry Ice Cream, Cotton Candy, Pixy Sticks, Gummy Poppers, Nerds, and Rainbow Marshmallow Pop).


If not, they've got tonsssss of other gigantic sundae options that will be sure to cool you down in no time. And did I mention they've also got a Lucky Charms cocktail?

2. Milk and Cream (159 Mott Street)


This newcomer to SoHo fuzes cereal and ice cream, actually grinding cereal into its ice cream in addition to throwing it on as a topping, so you can have your cereal and freeze it too (in endless flavors).

We recommend the Cookie Crisp Carnival, a blend of Cookie Crisp, chocolate cookie dough and Oreo in the ice cream, topped with cookie crunchies and cookie dough. Another popular choice is the Banana Cream with granola, banana and Teddy Grahams in the ice cream, topped with banana and honey drizzle. Yum!

3. WuKong (109B Lafayette Street)


Are we the only ones who have dreamed of simultaneously eating cotton candy and ice cream? Yes? Ok, fine.

But if that question got you thinking now you want to, you may want to head to Wukong and grab yourself a cotton candy ice cream cone. It's like it's floating on a cloud.

4. Pergola (36 West 28th Street)


Okay, we're seriously suckers for boozy sweets, we cannot tell a lie.

Head to Flatiron to try one of Pergola's super delicious, super photogenic Petal Pops– they're made with Tito's Vodka, Elderflower, lemonade, and edible flowers. Pro-tip: They're usually $11 a pop (get it?), but on Fridays through Labor Day, they're $8.

Who's coming to happy hour? 

5. Soft Swerve (85B Allen Street)


If you've seen any ube posting, and who are we kidding, that purple treat is alllll over lately, you know you want to try it. Soft Swerve has the soft serve ube ice cream of your dreams. Get your purple on people.

6. Tipsy Scoop (217 East 26th Street)


What's better than ice cream on a hot summer's day? Boozy ice cream on a hot summer's day!


Tipsy Scoop has been sold in stores throughout Manhattan for a while and they were popping up at outdoor markets left and right, but now you can get your fill 365 days a year at their brick and mortar barlour.

7. 4 Charles Prime Rib (4 Charles Street)


If you're looking for a classic sundae, look no further than 4 Charles. They've got your basic scoops, hot fudge, cherry and whipped cream. But they also have their own twist.

The bowl comes on a serving platter with divets holding all kinds of toppings for you to indulge in and add to your creation to make it your own... or just pick at and eat on the side. Either way, we won't judge.

So get out and indulge in a new treat. Your friends will give you props on the new rec. and your stomach will give you props on the tasty treat.

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