Vacay for Just a Day: 6 Best Day Trips to Take Right Outside of NYC This Summer

We love New York City. Of course we do. 

It's a beautiful, magical place full of opportunity, great food, and the most interesting people. 

But we all know that sometimes, it just get to be a bit too much. Maybe a homeless guy spit on you, a Citi bike nearly killed you for the umpteenth time, or you're just really over the stench of hot garbage. Or maybe you experienced all three. Today. 

It's completely understandable that you need a break every now and then. 

Luckily, there are some great, super relaxing getaways right outside the city that are only a train or bus ride away. 

These spots make for an excellent escape from city life, even if it' just for a day trip. Grab a group of friends, your significant other, or just treat yo'self to a solo adventure. 

Read on to discover the best nearby places to escape from NYC for a day. 

1. Williamstown, Massachusetts 

This quaint town nestled in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts is impossibly adorable.

It's home to the gorgeous Williams College campus, tons of amazing shops and restaurants, as well as the WIlliamstown Theatre Festival, a professional summer theatre offering some of the highest quality shows in the Bershire area. 


WTF (lol at their acronym) has seen tons of celebrities on their stages, including Bradley Cooper, Gwenyth Paltrow, Nathan Lane, and Sigourney Weaver. It's legit, yo. 

Check out their website here for info on this season's lineup and tickets. 

2. Boston, Massachussets


Okay, so it's not really a day trip. But why do we take day trips? They're hella convenient, they're low-maintenance in planning and execution, and it's the breath of fresh air you really need. 

So what's more low maintenance than a trip to Boston where you get $1000 in airfare, a 4-night stay at the unimpeachable Royal Sonesta, daily breakfast at Studio Coffee shop, a classy and delicious dinner at ArtBar, and take in the sights on one of Boston’s world-renowned Duck Tours.

We’re also giving you two tickets to brave the seas of confused Red Sox fans and catch the Yankees take them head on at Fenway. Sure, it’s no Yankees Stadium, but it’s okay. It’s Boston. They’ll catch up eventually.

Oh, and two tickets to your choice of concert. Pick from Pearl Jam, Jill Scott, or Canada's loneliest millionaire, Drake. Enter the giveaway! It's not a day trip because it's doper. 

3. New Paltz, New York 


New Paltz is a teensy little town in upstate New York that is home mainly to SUNY students and various hippies. But regardless of the highly specific demographic, it's an adorable place to spend a chill weekend day away from NYC. 

We would recommend My Hero pizza for an impossibly delicious slice (comparative even to those you'd find in NYC), but sadly, it is no longer in existence. RIP. We are currently drafting a formal petition for it to reopen ASAP. 


But until then, you can head to the Main Street Bistro, which serves up an incredible breakfast all day long, as well as equally tasty lunch options. 


4. Southold, Long Island 


Do you like homemade pies? What about wineries? No? Okay, what is wrong with you.

If you're a normal person, these things sound deeply appealing to you, and you can find both of them in Southold, New York, located on the North Fork of Long Island. 


Seriously. The entire place is vineyards and fresh fruit/pie stands. It's essentially heaven. And it's accessible by a quick journey on the LIRR. 

Yes, you will have to deal with Penn Station in order to get there, but trust us, it's worth it. 

5. Hyde Park, New York

This upstate New York town is home to the Franklin D. Roosevelt estate, which is open for tours all year round. It's not only fascinating, but the grounds and interior are absolutely beautiful and well worth a Metro North journey. 

We highly recommend the Eveready Diner for some of the best damn diner food in the state of New York. (Trust us, we are an authority. We are very passionate about diner food). 

Celebrities also have a tendency to summer in the area in an attempt to lie low, so you might even spot one casually enjoying a salad in the booth next to yours. 

6. Newport, Rhode Island 


If you're craving some nautical goodness in your life, but don't quite have the time/budget for a lavish vacay on Cape Cod, head to Newport, RI for the day. 

This gorgeous, coastal town is likely to be packed with tourists in the summer months, so its best to visit sooner rather than later, when vacay season is in full swing. 


It's pretty enough to spend the entire day simply wandering around, but if you're itching for a summer activity, try a lobster boat tour

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