6 Awesome Concerts You Won't Wanna Miss In NYC This June

As summer approaches festivals and concerts begin to commence.

Which New Yorker do you know that wouldn't enjoy and love to attend a concert this summer!

Great music and good vibes is all we ask for!

From new upcoming artist, to classic oldies that we enjoy rocking out too, summer 2017 will be the best thus far! 

Best benefit of the summer concerts we found for you New York, they're all under 50 bucks,  so you wouldn't have to worry about taking a date here or not. 

1. Summerstage (Various)


One of the surest signs of the beginning of summer is the nearing of Summerstage!

This year, the free concert series features more than 100 shows in 16 parks across the 5 boroughs. Artists from all different genres will be performing. From opera, to hip hop, to jazz, and much much more, there's something for everyone. 

2. BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival (Various)


The BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival is New York's longest-running, free outdoor performing arts festival.

It takes place each summer at the Prospect Park Bandshell.This year will feature The Shins, The Soul Rebels, and more!

3. The Metropolitan Opera Summer Recital Series (Various)


The Met's popular concert series will take place across all 5 boroughs. 

The best part? All of the recitals will be free. The first two recitals will feature soprano Susanna Phillips, a Met favorite. The four subsequent recitals will feature new younger talent. 

4. Make Music New York World Block Party (June 21st)


Who doesn't love a good block party? Especially one that takes place on the first day of summer! 

This musical block party will be located at Astor Place Plaza and will begin at 11 a.m. If you're not there, where else would you be? New artists whether old or young will be performing and New York will get the taste and feel of different genres of music this city has to offer, not just their own. 

One thing we forgot to mention, it's free!

5. Cloud Cult (June 23rd)


Take a ride on the L train to Williamsburg and go enjoy a live performance by Cloud Cult. Yes, Rock lovers, this one is for you! Cloud Cult will be performing at the Musical Hall of Williamsburg singing hit records such as "You Were Born" and tracks from the latest album, "The Seeker". 

Tickets are going for $20 a pop, so get yours now!

6. The Archway (Every Thursday)

In the mood to enjoy free live music every Thursday this summer?

For 17 vigorous weeks, live music will be playing in DUMBO Archway, starting at 6:30 on June 8th. Best part about this, its free! Its time for us to stop hiding from the sun and get out and enjoy it and the different kinds of music that will be playing in the park. 

The genre of music will be different every week and will range from swing dance to afrobeat. The performances began June 8th, and will end September 28th.

Love to drink beer or wine? Don't worry, we've got you covered! The landlocked lighthouse will be selling beer and wine to anyone who is  21 and over. 

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