6 Amazing Things You Absolutely Have to Cross Off Your Queens Bucket List

Whether you're a local or a tourist, you probably haven't been hitting up Queens right.

There's way more to this dope borough than Citi Field and Flushing's Chinatown.

Don't worry though. We've got your new Fall bucket list, fam.

Here are 18 things you have to see and do these next three months before you make your way to the big 7 train in the sky...


1. Pig out

Did you know Jackson Heights is considered the most diverse neighborhood in the country? The Jackson Heights Food and Walking Tour going down October 1st celebrates the vast variety of food from around the world while teaching guests about different cultures, history, and the architecture of the area. This one’ll be educational, entertaining, and delicious, all in one!

LIC Flea & Food is the ultimate weekend destination for some of the best artisan food vendors, curated vintage, and handmade designs. Not to mention, the All-Queens Beer Garden serving up local craft beer. 

Before the deadly NYC winter sets in, you should totally hit up this outdoor market for unique international bites and much more.

Finding a great cheese can be both a challenge and an art. For New Yorkers like us who are obsessed with cheese, an entire cheese fest is coming to Jackson Heights on December 2nd. IKR. Sample over 75 artisanal cheeses and pair the samples with wine, beer, and cider. Oh, and maybe take a lactaid before you head out.

2. Hit up a gallery


Queens Museum, in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, has been around since 1972. The museum “asserts a deep commitment to freedom of expression, and intentionally supports and celebrates difference and multiplicity as fundamental to our collective liberation”. 

Their permanent installation, “Panorama of the City of New York,” a room-sized scale model of the five boroughs, is definitely the crown jewel of the building.

MoMA Ps1 is one of the largest and oldest art institutions dedicated solely to contemporary art in the nation. This one is known for its innovative and experimental installations. Free with museum admission, don’t miss their fall open house on October 22nd.

A bit unique from the other museum suggestions above, the Museum of the Moving Image is all about media in all of its different forms. One of the coolest ongoing exhibitions there is the GIF elevator. Each artist designs an original GIF that’ll be featured on the walls and ceiling of the elevators. It’s gonna get pretty trippy.

3. Stay fit


Ever heard of capoeira? No? It’s basically one of the coolest forms of martial arts, combining dance, acrobatics, and music. Socrates Sculpture Park is hosting an hour-long class for beginners on October 7th. It’ll be a great way to improve your flexibility, agility, and balance. Plus, your friends will probably think you’re the sh*t when you show off your newly-acquired moves.

If you’re just getting back into the swing of things, a good walk is perfect for easing back into your workout routine. Get your cardio in with a few other fellow New Yorkers on a two mile walk through Fort Trotten park, October 3rd.

You’ve got plenty of time between now and November 23rd to train for the Sri Chinmoy Thanksgiving Day 5K & 10K! All proceeds go toward Flushing Meadows Corona Park. The scenic and flat race course is perfect for new and experienced runners alike. And most importantly, there’ll be a post-race pancake breakfast.

4. Get out and take in nature


When the time comes for birds to start migrating, there’s no better place to witness it all than at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is home to an impressive array of species. Take it all in on a ranger-led nature hike or bird watching session.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park is a Queens staple. It’s the largest park in the borough and offers plenty of space for all of your recreational activities. There’s always cool events going down, including open runs organized by the community.

Queens Botanical Garden is an urban oasis. The garden regularly hosts educational programs and live music events. With over 10 different gardens within the space, there’s no shortage of nature to take in.

5. Get lit


Donovan’s Pub has been a Woodside favorite for almost 50 years now. The bar’s no-frill attitude and simplistic approach to drinks and food is celebrated by Queens residents all around. Their burger has been named as the best in the city by several publications.

Is beer festival season here yet? Yes. Yes it is. The second annual Queens Beer Festival is coming to LIC October 14th and 15th. Your ticket gets you unlimited samples of beer from every Queens-based brewery and a curated selection of beer from select Brooklyn breweries. Need we say more?

Fall is the perfect time to hit up your local breweries. Finback in Glendale is undoubtedly one of the best in Queens. The brewery is small, but the tasting room features a rotating set of 12 different taps. Bottoms up!

6. Go on an adventure

Would it be a Halloween weekend without almost sh*tting your pants at a horror house? One of the coolest this year is definitely going to be Hempstead House Haunt: Dante’s Inferno. The house is going to be based off of the epic poem “Dante’s Inferno”. Catch it one of the six nights it’ll be open from October 25th to October 31st.

This one’s pretty trippy. At an old abandoned Macy’s in LIC, you can check out what was left of the warehouse when it once catered to the art scene in a surreal elevator

When the “doors open, a swirling, psychedelic panorama appears, deep reds and an organic shape that resembles more of a cave full of wonders than a vessel to deliver you from floor to floor. Textures and mirrors trick the eye, making it seem much bigger on the inside, and small mechanical monsters poke their heads out of hide holes in the walls and ceiling.”

Abandoned buildings are always fun to explore, but have you ever walked through an abandoned military base? The giant concrete monoliths half-buried in the sand at Fort Tilden are reminiscent of the last moments of Planet of the Apes. Check it out before it’s covered by snow!

[Feature Image Courtesy LIC Flea] 

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