What were you up to on 4th of July weekend? Watching the fireworks, throwing back a few drinks, maybe hanging out with us on our 4th of July booze cruise?

Well, while most of us were out celebrating our #freedom 4th of July weekend two weekends ago, some New Yorkers got to witness possibly the freakiest thing we've ever heard of go down in a subway car.

On July 3rd many New Yorkers reported seeing approximately 50 dead crabs in an empty N/Q train subway car.

Apparently the doors to this particular car didn't open when pulling up to each station - preventing anyone from getting too close to these crustaceans.

One of the many mysteries surrounding these crustaceans is whether or not they were dead or alive. At first, many who saw the crab through the subway car doors reported that they seemed dead, as none of the crabs were moving.

However, a video from a passenger on the train with these mysterious crabs, shows water being poured on the definitely alive crabs.

Well, that at least solves the mystery of why there was so much water on the floor - one passenger thought pouring water on the crabs would help them stay alive.

It's unclear when exactly these crabs showed up, and at what stop. However, they were definitely present at 10:45 p.m - the earliest report of a Crab Train sighting.

No explanations have been offered as to why there were so many dead crabs on the train, but sometimes it's better to just leave things as they are.


But, of course, there have been plenty of theories on how and why all of these crabs were on the train.

MTA conspiracy? Sure, why not. 

It looks like there's a plastic bag near the puddle of crabs, but doesn't look nearly big enough to hold 50 large and small crabs.

Have any conspiracy theories as to what went down on Crab-Train?

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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Twitter]