5 Things You Seriously Have to Cross off Your Bronx Bucket List This Spring

The Bronx: birthplace of Hip-hop, site of the Yankees, and home to some of the realest New Yorkers. 

We have a lot of love for the BX and this spring we're going to pay homage to this dope neighborhood. 

There are some really cool things going on in the borough these next few months. 

It's time to emerge from the comfort of your apartment because the weather outside is going to be too damn beautiful to not spend your time outdoors. 

Check out these spring events and prevent catching a case of FOMO!

1. Get cultured


Brooklyn often gets the spotlight for art and culture events happening in the city, but the BX has just as many awesome things going on. The New York Botanical Garden is hosting their annual Orchid Show between March 17th and April 9th. This year's theme is Thailand. Take a look at the orchids they'll be featuring with live music in a Thai-style garden and go on a guided tour. 

If creating art is more your thing, there's a pretty cool Mandala collage making class going on at the Bronx Museum on April 14th. The best part? Free admission and happy hour drink pricing!


And in case you'd like to become a work of art yourself, you can run through the crowds of people throwing colored powder at you at the Festival of Colors Holi celebration on May 20th.

2. Burn a few calories  


Dodge! Dip! Duck! Dive! And dodge! Sound familiar? You can become a badass in your own dodgeball tournament going on March 30th. And wait for it...the whole competition is glow-in-the-dark. In the words of Patches O'Houlihan, if you can dodge traffic (NYC traffic), you can dodge a ball. 

If you're into a more relaxed atmosphere or you simply don't want to get pegged by a bunch of your peers, then come to Soulfest NYC on May 20th. It's going to be the first yoga festival in the city. Be a part of history and unleash your inner yogi!

Are you really a New Yorker if you haven't been to a Yankees game yet? Don't worry if you haven't though because you can catch them playing games from April 10th to October 1st. Perfect for those of you that prefer to watch the action rather than partake in it. 

3. Eat some delicious BX food

Did you know The Bronx is home to some of the best soul food west of Africa? Get your soul food fix at Paula's Soul Food. Nothing better than a huge portion of fried chicken, mac and cheese, and authentic collard greens. Yum.

How does a hip-hop brunch sound to ya mon'? If you're a lover of 90's Hip Hop, R&B and old & new school reggae, you won't wanna miss this $18 brunch. Delicious food and great music all going down on April 1st. Make your reservation asap my brothers and sisters!

4. Get LIT


The drinking culture of NYC is pretty much the same throughout all 5 boroughs. New Yorkers love their alcohol and the Bronx is no exception.

If you're a little nostalgic for the warm weather fare of summer, take a trip uptown to Pine and Bar Grill to enjoy a South Beach Miami vibe in a rooftop bar setting. The award winning martini and drink list won't leave you disappointed. 

For my fellow beer enthusiasts, a visit to The Bronx Brewery is a must. This spot is perfect for spring weather when they open the backyard for tastings and live entertainment on the weekends. 

5. Appreciate the BX <3


What's better than a whole week dedicated to honoring the citizens and institutions that contribute to the rich culture and diversity which defines the uniqueness of The Bronx?

Mark your calendars for Bronx Week 2017! The festival of events will take place May 11th through the 21st this year. 


Keep an eye on the site as the list of events will be posted by the end of April. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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