East Is the Leased: 5 Reasons Why the East Village Is the Place to Be in NYC Right Now

Is the East Village really the Leased Village? When you talk about New York City neighborhoods you talk about how different each of them are. One neighborhood in particular has always been so much more unique than so many others for so long.

We are talking about the East Village. The place where hippies used to roam, punk rock was born, and where that bar you have to go to every other week because your friend is dragging you to see poetry recited.

One attribute that makes the East Village vastly different than all other neighborhoods in Manhattan is the housing situation.

Property Shark has compiled data from multiple sources that shows that the housing situation in the East Village is just as odd as the famed neighborhood.

It's a neighborhood rich in history, but still, sadly, sort of trying to shift the significance of what that means. Take The Jefferson Theatre, for example. It opened in 1913 as a vaudeville theater and was still operating until 1977. 

Today, condos stand on the once famed theater and all that remains is its name.

Despite that, it's still retained much of its character over the years. Whether it's kitschy apartments with old AF bathtubs, or Kanye nonsense to keep the vibe alive (definitely not the same vibe, but a unique one in and of itself), the East Village is its own cultural edifice.


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1. Mostly rental

One of the most astounding finds is that 82% of all housing in the East Village are actually rentals. So, out of the 33,240 units, only 5,828 aren't. 


That's bad for people looking to retain as much of the same character of the old neighborhood as possible, but good for people looking for a stopgap between Upper Manhattan and Brooklyn.

2. Transient neighborhood 


A high percentage of rentals, affordable or otherwise, doesn't necessarily mean that nobody wants to live there forever, but you can take it as the East Village being packed with people not really ready to settle down just yet. Why is that a good thing? 

Well, if you're anything like us, you want to be in an area you're down with, and around people that maybe aren't exactly like you, but are close enough in age you don't have to worry about steppin' on toes or cramping their style, so to speak.


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3. More affordable than Upper Manhattan


As of April 2016, the median rent in the East Village was $3,450, and this number just beat out the Upper East Side. You're looking at spending about $40,000 each year in rent alone which is simply absurd.

Thankfully, there are little over 6,000 affordable housing units in the neighborhood for low-income tenants.

Between April 2015 and 2016, the average rent went up 1.7%, according to MNS. While that's still not a great look, it's a much lower rate than the majority of Manhattan.

4. Actually not a bad idea to buy now

Of course, this is highly contingent on your ability to buy, but in NYC, with the near-guarantee of increased property value, it's not a bad idea to either settle in for the long haul or pull a Jeremy Renner and flip while the money's hot.

If you're in the buying mood the East Village might also be a perfect fit for you. The median price for a home is $767,000, a 30% drop from last spring and a 23% drop compared to the rest of Manhattan.


This year, the most expensive home so far went for $2,650,000, which was 1,500 square-foot condo. Last year? The most expensive home was a 5,600 square-foot condo that went for $7 million. 

5. It's just dope


The East Village is just different. The nightlife is top-notch which is why we love to party there. Artists have called it home for decades, even if Mr. West created absolute chaos by almost performing there.

Even when we lose icons like St. Mark's Trash and Vaudeville or St. Mark's Bookshop, we're still super enamored with what the East Village was, is, and still could be. 

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[via Property Shark] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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