Nothing Short of Stunning: 5 More Absolutely Beautiful Rooftop Gardens in NYC

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the flowers are in all of their glorious bloom. 

Rather than heading to the old over to the crowded parks to try and find Instagrammable gold, look to the skies for some of the most beautiful gardens in the city. 

Though that might seem counter productive, many of our city's finest plant life resides tens of stories above our concrete jungle. 

If you've already exhausted our first list of rooftop gardens, we've got five more for you to check out. 

So grab your sunscreen and your phone (gotta do it for the 'gram), and head skyward for some beautiful greenery. 

Gallow Green (542 West 27th Street)

Rooftop restaurants and bars are just so much better when they share a place with a rooftop garden. Gallow Green is certainly one of the most beautiful places to eat and drink in NYC. 


Grab a drink and take a walk around the abundant plant life at the Gallow Green. We recommend heading there for lunch to groove to some live music on a Chelsea rooftop. 

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar & Restaurant (230 5th Avenue)

Do you like to drink on a rooftop? Of course you do, who doesn't? How about drink on a rooftop amid a beautiful garden? 230 Fifth Rooftop is upping the ante with a rooftop bar and garden. 

Whether you're spending the day noshing on brunch and sipping mimosas or are partying under the stars, 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar & Restaurant has the perfect rooftop garden for you. 

Elevated Acre (55 Water Street)

This little park is little known to most in NYC. It's a quiet, peaceful garden area overlooking the East River. To enter, just take the escalators at 55 Water Street to find yourself in an elevated, beautiful little park with trees, plants, and benches. 

Unfortunately, this little park/garden has fake grass, but the view is so amazing that you'll forget that detail. 

Garden of Stones at the Museum of Jewish Heritage (36 Battery Place)


Though this doesn't seem like the typical garden we'd recommend, it's one that should not be overlooked. It consists of trees growing through stones, to remember the Holocaust victims. 


Yes, the garden is rather barren in terms of vivid color, but it's more touching than even the brightest of plants. Head to the Garden of Stones any Sunday through Friday when the Museum of Jewish Heritage is open to check out the beautiful, touching tribute yourself. 

The Westin New York Grand Central (212 East 42nd Street)


Unlike many other hotel rooftop gardens, the rooftop garden at the Westin is open to the public by reservation. The staff at the Westin will lead tours through the urban garden growing herbs and vegetables used in their restaurant, The LCL: Bar & Kitchen.

The tours will be every Thursday in June and July at 5 p.m., and require a reservation. Some of the vegetables growing in the Westin's garden are tomatoes, lettuce, arugula, zucchini, square, oregano, and cilantro. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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