So What's Next? 5 Essential Questions We Need Answered in Next Season's 'Game of Thrones'

For this article is dark and filled with spoilers.

Well, another season of the single craziest show on television has come to an end, and we are still trying to digest it all. 

This season of Game of Thrones made us scream, cheer and, of course, question every little thing to the point where we realize we've got more questions than answers.

Next season has been all but confirmed to be shorter, about three or four episodes shorter, so in that limited amount of episodes we hope they can answer just a few of these burning questions.

Even with the conclusions this season came to, you have to wonder, most importantly, how the hell you can wrap up a battle for the fate of the world into all of these seemingly tangential plot lines. 

But that's not the only question. 

1. How will Jon take the news of his parents (if he ever gets a chance to find out)?


One of the biggest answers this episode gave us was revealing who Jon Snows mother is. We find out that Lyanna Stark, Ned Stark's sister, passed away soon after giving birth to the bastard who know's nothing. Now, we don't know for sure, but it seems safe to say that Rhaegar Targaryen is Jon's father. 

So, yes, R + L = J.

But, what does it mean for the newly appointed King in the North? Is his claim to the Iron Throne greater than Daenerys? Well, if you break it down, it seems that the Mother of Dragons is going to have to do something about her new nephew.


The Mad King, Aerys II Targaryen, is the father to both Rhaegar and Daenerys. When he passed, his rule would fall to Rhaegar. Now, if Jon really is his son, then he would be next in line for the Iron Throne.

So, if Jon does find out about his parents and who he is, does he go one step further and become the King of all Westeros? Does he even find out about his lineage? Well, that one is all up to Bran who is the subject of our next question.

2. Is Bran going to f*ck everything up for everyone or has he done that already?


Bran is a time traveler. If there's one thing that happens in time travel, it's that when you start going to the past, you change it whether you want to or not. We saw this earlier with what happened to Hodor and we haven't been able to look at the subway doors since.

Of course, that depends on how you look at time travel in this context. The Three-Eyed Raven famously said, "The ink is dry." The past is written. 

Also, there's the Red Priestesses. They seem pretty big on this idea that even when they're wrong, it's for a greater purpose. Everyone is where they're supposed to be per their role in the wars to come. Now, that could be a nice way of saying, "Everything happens for a reason," but who knows?

So, does Bran have an active role in the wars to come, and does that consist of preventative measures - or is he doomed to just watch history repeat itself? Can we blame him for sh*t that's gone wrong, or do we have to sit hopelessly as he has? 

He found out the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers, but what if he goes back and tells the First Men what's going on and that's what started the beef? What if he goes back to stop the Mad King from going bonkers and accidentally gets him to start screaming "Burn them all!" (similar to Hodor's "hold the door")?  

It's also important to consider that Bran is now marked by the Night King. The pointy-headed blue necromancer was able to send his zombies to attack Bran in a cave that was protected by magic that would destroy the zombies. Now, with Bran being marked, he could have doomed the whole world.

3. What does Cersei Lannister, horrifyingly devoted mother, look like without kids?


During the finale, Cersei was set to stand trial for her crimes. Instead of going to the trial, she blew the whole place up and killed errrrrybody, including the wife of her son and king. In a surprise turn of events, Tommen couldn't even and jumped out the window. What a day.

Cersei already got a taste of wildfire and might start burning more and more that try to stop her. Could she become the Mad Queen of King's Landing, and could a former Kingslayer become a Queenslayer?

It seems that Cersei's prophecy is almost completed. All three of her kids have died, and all she needs now is a new Queen to ruin her day. That Queen might be knocking on the Red Keep's door sooner than Cersei knows.

Sure, she could go insane, but every insane thing she's done has been to protect her children. She's all out of kids tho... what's next?

4. How is Daenerys going to become Queen of Westeros?

With ships, the Unsullied, and with three dragons of course.

That's the easy answer, but how does Dany win the people over? She seems to be promising a lot for someone who has never stepped foot on the land she wants to conquer. Could she possibly stop the madness that a new Queen will bring, or will Dany have to stop a even bigger threat (PLZ GOD PLZ)?


Most importantly, she seems to understand the need for certain acts of diplomacy. Namely, marriage. Nobody's coming to pretty-woman Daario, so she needs a legit suitor. Who is that?! Is it Jon (possibly her nephew?), Bran, Uron, Theon, Yara, or... Tyrion?!

She needs a suitor. That means season 7 needs a wedding. Weddings need grooms. Who is dat?! 

5. Is Arya going to slay even more?

In the books, there is a stone cold killer who takes out the Freys. In the show, it's looking like Arya is filling up that spot, but where does her murderous trail leave her? When does it end?

We have not heard the names on the list for quite some timem and now with a facemask under her belt, would anyone be surprised if she starts crossing names off? Does she try to return to her family?

Arya has always been a loner with her own agenda. But, winter has come. Ned Stark once told Arya in the books: "When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives."

Will she ever make it back to her pack? And speaking of packs, where the f*ck is Nymeria? Where's the second-to-last Stark Direwolf?

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