Add Some Spice to Your Life This Weekend: 5 Can't-Miss Events Going Down in NYC

Enjoying the weather today? We certainly are. 

We're soaking up that sun through our lone office window like vitamin D deprived zombies. 

Unfortunately, this weekend won't be all sun and games (see what we did there?) so it's time to accept that you'll need to have some fun indoors... at least on Saturday.

But don't worry, New Yorkers, there are plenty of kick a*s events going down indoors and out. 

Check out what we're looking forward to this weekend:

Friday, May 20th 

Oregon Trail - House of Yes (2 Wyckoff Avenue - Brooklyn)

The most commonly frustrating, yet hilarious quote of our childhood: "You have died of dysentery." 

At this party, you'll relive your childhood love for the obnoxiously historical game that we all loved, regardless of its ruthless death scenarios. 


Of course, instead of sitting in front of your computer, dress in your sexiest Oregon Trail-themed costume (think sexy oxen, dysentery victim, sexy tumbleweed) and get ready to boogie down amid aerial cowgirls, pole dancers, fire performers, and tons of live music. 

Party starts at 10p.m. and continues until 5 a.m. Check them out right here.

Friday, May 20th & Saturday, May 21st

Happy Birthday Stupid Kid (358 West 44th Street)


Every one knows how much they loved birthday parties as a kid... or hated them because someone's parents got a little too rowdy. That's exactly what happens at this improvised and interactive birthday party, filled with games, goodie bags, and cake. 

Celebrate Jamie McCluskey's 12th birthday this weekend starting at 8 p.m, where the parents cause quite a bit of raucous. Plus, there's cake. #Winning. Get tickets here.

Saturday, May 21st

HOUSE of LOVE - (2 Wyckoff Avenue - Brooklyn)

Feeling lonely? Head on over to the House of Yes in Brooklyn for a truly sensual, intimate experience. This party will feature everything from incredible music, a hot tub jacuzzi on the roof, tarot romance readings, pole dancers, and even cuddle puddles and bubble baths.

What is a cuddle puddle? It's an experience where people first acquire consent, and then simply cuddle with one another or with a group... sometimes you just need a cuddle buddy.

If you want to get real dirty with it, live out your 50 Shades fantasies in their dom/sub space and bondage playroom. #Kinky. Party starts at 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. Get tickets here.

Stay Hungry (795 Lexington Avenue - Brooklyn)

Stay Hungry is a culinary competition for high schoolers, introducing a connection between food and hip hop. 

At St. John's Bread & Life from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m., high schoolers will be given the opportunity to explore their culinary love in connection with hip hops by preparing dishes identified in rap lyrics. 


Stay Hungry will attempt to give these young adults another reason to appreciate both culture and cuisine. Get tickets right here.

Sunday, May 22nd

BarkFest (Hudson River Park's Pier 97)


Calling all pet parents: if you want to give your furry little monster a day that you'll both never forget, grab some tickets (one ticket is good for one human and up to two dogs), and head down to Pier 97 for BarkShops annual BarkFest. 

There will be activities for both you and your furball, along with adoptable pups if you're looking for a new best friend. It's all going down from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. 

Trust us, your dog will love the butt sniffing and goodies, where humans can mingle with a beer, some gourmet grub, but hopefully not sniff butts. Get your tickets right here.

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