Don't Call it a Comeback: 5 Best NYC Bars Servin' Up Classic Cocktails—with a Twist!

In New York City, it's all about reinventing yourself to stay fresh, current and ahead of the pack.

Although we usually think about this in terms of fashion, entertainment or business, they're not the only industries aiming to keep us on our toes.

The mixology scene in NYC is an often understated yet varied and creative sphere that endlessly tries new things, capitalizes on trends and seeks to WOW us from happy hour till the sun comes up.

A trend this year is bringing back classic cocktails that sometimes are forgotten or under-appreciated, and adding a new twist to make them cocktail all-stars once again.

Here's a few that we can't wait to take a sip of.

1. Delilah (155 Rivington Street)


A sleek Lower East Side cocktail den with a modern rustic charm, Delilah has resurrected to life seven classic cocktails as staples of their drink menu. Each one comes with a signature twist on a time-old recipe, formulated by master mixologist Rael Petit.

One you may not be as familiar with is the Martinez, made with Old Tom Gin, Antica Vermouth, Marashino Liqueur and Orange Bitters. The venue has also just debuted a Sunday Jazz Brunch, complete with music from the 20's, 30's and 40's, which pairs perfectly with their classic cocktails.

2. Haven Rooftop (132 West 47th Street)


Towering above midtown atop the swanky Sanctuary Hotel is the perfect way to keep rooftop drinking alive during the cold months. Haven Rooftop has transformed its usually tropical Moroccan-themed ambiance into a cozy ski chalet while winter plays in the city streets below.

Using the age-old cocktail the Negroni as inspiration, they've created a new signature drink the Eclipse, which uses New Amsterdam Gin infused with cinnamon, aperol, campari and anise, instead of the more traditional Vermouth, for a smoother finish with the same killer kick.

3. Oleanders (160 North 12th Street - Brooklyn)

Steal back a taste of summer inside of the McCarren Hotel in Williamsburg at their eatery Oleanders, not to be confused with the fantasy wand shop in Harry Potter. But you can find some magic here on their cocktail menu with a smooth re-imagination of a summertime staple.

Many times made frothy and almost slushy or sans the ice all together and served straight up, their smoother rendition of the Grasshopper uses crushed ice to thicken and smoothen out the Green Crème de Menthe and White crème de cacao for a refreshing spin on this colorful vintage drink.

4. Mundo (37-06 36th Street - Queens)

A world of color and pizzaz awaits you at Mundo, tucked inside the Paper Factory Hotel in Long Island City. There's nothing "run of the mill" here, from their decadent Latin/Mediterranean fusion dishes to the otherworldly decor to their over the top cocktails.

Taking a more chill note however, they have redesigned the warm yet predictable Hot Apple Cider. Their twist on the winter classic, the Hot & Bothered, uses Jameson Whiskey, crisp apple cider, two cloves, cinnamon and a drizzle of demerara syrup, giving this classic a deep and rich caramel-like flavor.

5. Schiller's Liquor Bar (131 Rivington Street)


Downtown is pulling out all the stops it seems, as there's another innovative oasis on the Lower East Side. Chef Dushan Zaric doesn't only have a knack for coming up with some creative food items at Schiller's, but he's taken the challenge with his cocktails too.

Tangy, crisp and just a hint of sweetness is what you'll find in their New York Sour, which takes a normal Amaretto Sour with bourbon, lemon juice and simple syrup and adds an aromatic layer of dry red wine for a more decadent and sinful sip. 

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