Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now? 5 Best First Date Spots in NYC 👨‍❤️‍👨❤️👬

One of the biggest challenges of living in New York City is navigating the massive and winding dating scene. And even though you can literally meet your next Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now on your next subway ride, people are connecting to potential mates online more than ever before.

In the myriad of dating apps that blend together, a new app has finally learned from the mistakes of its predecessors and puts you back in the saddle just in time for Cuffing Season.

Chappy, a new dating app designed for the modern gay man, aims to get guys to actually enjoy dating again, breaking the habits of the apps we love to hate. And depending on the guy you find, there's a spot in NYC that's perfect for your first date. 

1. Looking for Mr. Right


Chappy's unique sliding scale lets you pick what guy pool you want to wade into. Slide that scale over to the right if you're looking for "Mr. Right," or a more long-term dating relationship. But what do you do when you hit up the right Mr. Right and you hear wedding bells?

If you want a serious boyfriend, take him on a serious date! Behind the doors of The Doux Supperclub (59 West 21st Street), you'll experience 1920's Paris through innovative decor, craft cocktails and a unique blend of delectable desserts and dark, seductive live performances. 

2. No need to ask "looking?"


Whether you're looking for a long term relationship or just a one-night fling, Chappy puts you in the right pool of guys to find exactly what your heart (or other parts) desires. Slide your scale to the left to look for Mr. Right Now, dropping you into the fast lane to meet a someone for a wild night.

If you need a spot to get some liquid courage or a place after the rendezvous to catch your breath, pop into Rockbar (185 Christopher Street) down in the West Village for a dark, laid back atmosphere with strong drinks and a stage where rotating drag shows, burlesque and trivia nights can be caught nightly.

3. Decisions, decisions


Are you the guy that doesn't know what he wants yet? Then keep your slider right in the middle and get dropped into the middle of ALL the guys on Chappy. Just because you're not decisive, doesn't mean you don't know how to have a good time.

For an eclectic night out when you're open to opportunities, check out Mr. Cannon (206 Front Street), NYC's newest speakeasies tucked into the Seaport District in NYC. Enter through the hidden entrance and be transported to an “underground” lounge decorated in dark colors and texture that unites the past and present with old-school sensibilities and aesthetics.

4. Free to be chill


One of the reassuring things about Chappy is that the app connects with users' Facebook profiles to try and ensure that who you're talking to it actually who you're talking to. The days of scrolling through tireless profiles are over.

However, we don't always want our dating lives out put out there. If you need a chill spot where there''s no pressure to be in the spotlight, head to The DL (85 Delancey Street), a 3-story, rooftop lounge on the Lower East side offering an extraordinary nightlife and after work experience with a dynamic energy that embodies a lively ambiance.

5. He's easy on the eyes


Chappy's chic and unique interface allows for users to easily navigate the app's options and sea of profiles. This allows for you to create an experience that works with you rather than pushes against you. Because who needs extra pressure when it comes to dating?

So if you need somewhere to take a guy that's low-key with food options that are just as comfy, try Good Enough to Eat (520 Columbus Avenue) that serves us ample plates of comforts like macaroni and cheese, lemon parmesan chicken, pecan trout, sweet potato fries and their now legendary meatloaf and turkey dinners.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on in with Chappy!

You can download the app here.

[Feature Image Courtesy Viva Lifestyle and Travel] 

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