Come in Your Car, Stay in Your Car: 5 Best Drive-In Theaters Just Outside of NYC

We hate to be the ones to remind you, but the warmth and sunshine of summer is on its way out the door.

Then again, that doesn't sound so bad right now considering it's hot as all hell outside.

But still, we'll be wishing for summer once we're all bundled up and dreading trudging through the snow to get to the train.

While Netflix and chillin' in an air conditioned theater seems pretty great right now, why not brave the heat and take a ride on the wild side by trying out a drive-in theater. 

It may be old school, but this is one trend we're glad hasn't died out. Drive-in movies are awesome. You get to pile up your squad into the biggest car you can find and watch a movie under the stars from the comfort of your own vehicle.

It may sound improbable to have a drive-in theater in New York City, and for that reason there isn't one in NYC itself.

But if you're down for a drive, you should take advantage of these nearby drive-ins.

1. Warwick Drive-In (5 Warwick Turnpike - Warwick, NY)


The Warwick Drive-In is your closest option, if you're looking for a shorter drive. Just an hour and a half outside of the city, Warwick boasts three screens and a fully stocked snack bar. 


A double feature at this drive-in will only run you $10, which is an incredible deal compared to normal NYC prices. Like an insanely good deal. Run to this theater before they realize how amazing this deal is.

2. Shankweiler's Drive-In (4540 Shankweiler Road - Orefield, PA)

Shankweiler's may be further away from the city (just about a two hour drive), but it does have boasting rights as America's oldest drive-in theater. It also offers a double feature for $9, which, again, is an amazing deal.

If you want to make a day out of your trip to the movies, Shankweiler is also conveniently located close to Dorney Park, so you can hit up the coasters after your double feature.

3. Delsea Drive-In (2203 South Delsea Drive - Vineland, NJ)


Delsea is the drive-in theater that came back from the dead. It originally shut down in 1987, but made a triumphant comeback in 2004. It's the only drive-in theater in New Jersey, so it naturally gets plenty of visitors from throughout the tristate area.

Delsea also has a pretty packed snack bar, that even features actual dishes, like gluten-free lasagna. Now you won't have to survive the night on popcorn and Goobers alone.

4. Becky's Drive-In (4548 Lehigh Drive - Walnutport, PA)


Becky's appeals to the child in us all. There's a moon bounce and fire engine rides available to take advantage of before each screening.


What Becky's is probably most known for, other than still being operated by the same Beck family, is their fresh cut fries, which are thankfully still on the menu, and still as delicious as they were when this theater opened up in 1946.

5. Fair Oaks Drive-In (365 Bloomingburg Road - Middletown, NY)

While this spot may technically be in New York, it's a bit more convenient for North Jerseyians to get up to this drive-in. 

Regardless, this is still a trip into Jersey worth taking, since their discounted Thursday tickets are a steal. The price is lowered ― from the already low price of $7 ― to $5. Who needs Thirsty Thursday when you can have Discount Thursday?

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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