These days everyone is on the DIY trend, and we can't really blame them.

DIY allows people to take their creativity to the max - and we all know that New York City is full of incredibly creative people.

But, of course, this city is also filled with people who can't be bothered to leave the comfort of their homes for the necessities like food and drink. 

Some may call NYC the Capital of Delivery Service.

Now these two trends have combined, bringing us DIY cocktail kits right to our doorstep every month. Intrigued? 

Here are a few cocktail kit subscriptions to help get your feet wet when it comes to making top of the line cocktails in your own kitchen.

1. SaloonBox


SaloonBox is a subscription delivery service that will deliver two small bottles of liquor, as well as various ingredients and syrups that you'll need to follow their recipe cards and create their suggested cocktails, or some creative cocktails of your own.


A SaloonBox subscription is $37.50/month, and comes with two airplane-appropriate sized bottles of liquor, and syrups, bitters, mixers, etc, to allow you to create the two recipes created by professional mixologists. While the bottles are small, the liquor is top shelf stuff - nothing to sneeze at.

2. Bitters + Bottles


On the higher end of the price range is Bitters + Bottles. For $89/month this San Francisco-based brand will send you a month's worth of full-sized bottles and ingredients to mix and match and create your own cocktails.

While this subscription doesn't come with recipes, each box comes with plenty of mixology tips and trips to guide you on your cocktail making journey.

3. Mixology Monthly


Right in the middle of the price range is Mixology Monthly - where $60 will give you all the basic non-alcohol ingredients, and bar tools (muddlers, glassware, etc) you need to put together a single type of cocktail.

However, Mixology Monthly isn't a monthly subscription. Rather, you subscribe to their email newsletter, and each month you'll receive an announcement about that month's special box. From there you can choose to purchase the box for $60, or pass and wait until next month's announcement.

4. Speakeasy Co.

Everyone loves a good Speakeasy-themed party, and Speakeasy Co. is the go to for putting together your next party's signature cocktails. There are two options for monthly subscriptions. 

The Prohibition Package, which contains no alcohol, is $19.99/month, and the Speakeasy Package, which comes with some small bottles of liquor is $39.99/month.

You also have the option to add on several other items to your monthly order, from glassware to featured spirits. 

Each monthly box comes with two unique craft cocktail recipes. If you're looking for some new, complex cocktails that you won't see in your average bar, this is the subscription for you.

5. Crafted Taste


Lastly, if you're not quite sure how much you're willing to spend on your cocktail kits, there's Crafted Taste's three pricing tiers. 

For $60/month you can get the Mixers Only kit, which - obviously - is only mixers. For $130/month you can get everything from the Mixers Only kit, plus all the alcohol you'll be needing.

Lastly, for the big spenders, you can get top shelf bottles and ingredients, along with a couple of different monthly goodies for $200/month. 

But, of course, there's a la carte option in which you can purchase individual kits and recipes, just in case you're not quite sure if you want to commit to the monthly subscription just yet.

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[via Thrillist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]