#SummerLovin: 5 Absolute Best Dates to Go on This June in NYC

June is such a romantic month. 

It's the perfect month to get in all of your summer activities before the heat and humidity wreak havoc on your love life....

Don't understand what that means? 

You've obviously never attempted to get down in 92˚F heat and 90% humidity with no air conditioner. Good friggin' luck with that one. 

So take full advantage of the beautiful mid-70˚F weather while you can. Get outdoors, romance each other amid the sights and sounds (not necessarily the smells) of New York City. 

Here are some of the best date ideas going on this month.

1. Lumos Burlesque Show (90 West Houston Street)

Do you two like adventure? Maybe you want to spice things up, both literally and figuratively? You'll want to head out to Lumos, the best NYC Chinese speakeasy, and try some baijiu. What's baijiu? It's the best liquor (and one of the world's most popular liquors) that you've never even heard of. 


Head to Lumos on a Saturday for their zesty burlesque performance, Shanghai Gesture. Enjoy some sexy, spicy (sometimes quite literally), and creative drinks. The bartenders are making cocktails with flavor combinations that you never would have dreamt of, but are glad they did. 

This Saturday, June 11th, their Shanghai Gesture coincides with Lumos' one-year anniversary party! There'll be free champagne and a free DJ'd after-party. Get your tickets here!

DAYBREAKER Weeklong Party (various locations)


Ever just want to wake up and dance? Not just some stretches, but a full on raging dance/fitness party. Let's just put it this way, if we woke up with a full on dance party, we'll be up to accomplish absolutely anything that day. 

Wake up on Sunday, June 5th with an 80's Glam party. On Tuesday, join the "Hip Hop Don't Stop" party. on Wednesday dance at dusk (aka in the evening) with a "Disco at DUSK" party. 

On Thursday, they're bringing back the 90's with a 90's Throwback. On Friday they're finishing up with a "Bermuda Beach Party" at Space Ibiza. 

Check out the schedule (and buy tickets) here

Rooftop Crawl (various locations)


Rooftop bars are some of the most romantic settings you could ask for in NYC. There are simply so many bars, we can hardly count (so we made it easier for you with this map). 

But don't try planning some elaborate night only to have it ruined by overzealous bouncers who won't let you up. 

Instead, check out Rooftop Crawls. It's like a more elegant, less sloppy (or not) beer crawl, or a more fun, less snooty winery tour. 

Skip the hassle and let Rooftop Crawl chauffeur you from bar to bar, offering you plenty of sights from various spots of Manhattan. Need tickets? Check them out here.

Solstice in Times Square

Are you an active couple? You'll want to roll out your yoga mats in the middle of Times Square for a celebration of the longest day of the year (as well as the first day of summer). 


This year, solstice in Times Square is starting the summer with a yoga class to fill Times Square... best part yet? It's completely free. Just remember to sign up your spot! It's all going down in Times Square on June 20th. 

Jazz Age Lawn Party



Get ready to don your most dapper 1920's outfit and dust off those dancing moves for a jazz party for the ages. Each year, the Jazz Age Lawn Party throws an epic dance party worthy of your best Gatsby impression. 

Head out to Governor's Island on June 11th and 12th for incredible classic cocktails, lots of suave dancers, and tons of sunlight and fun.  

Get your tickets here. Can't make it? Don't worry, you'll still have a shot August 13th and August 14th.

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[Feature Image Courtesy LumosNYC.com] 

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