There's a New 4D Movie Theater Opening in NYC That Lets You Smell Scenes, Shakes Your Seat & Even Rains On You | spoiled NYC

Cinephile New Yorkers can prepare themselves for a new way to enjoy movies that makes them feel like they're in the middle of all the action.

CJ 4DPLEX, the world’s first 4DX cinema company which is headquartered in South Korea, has announced that its first 4DX theater in New York City — in partnership with Regal Cinemas — will open its doors on March 25 at the Regal Union Square Stadium 14, located at 850 Broadway, with the feature film “Batman v. Superman.”

But are New Yorkers ready for the immersive and undoubtedly intense theater experience? Despite safety warnings and sky-high prices, theatergoers around the nation seem to give 4DX their badge of approval.

"There is no better way to watch an action packed movie. Experiencing the seats moving, 'bullets' whizzing by you, smelling the scents.....really added to the overall experience. It felt like being on a theme park ride for two straight hour," wrote Yelp reviewer Sagir B. on the Regal Cinemas L.A. Live Stadium page.

Another Yelp user, David L., gushed about his experience at the Gurnee Cinema."Their 4DX theater is the only in the midwest, and adds an insane amount of pop and fizz to your movie experience."

Viewers who purchase a ticket to a 4DX film are given a set of safety guidelines. Customers are told they "enter at their own risk" and neither the movie theater and/or 4DX assumes any responsibility or liability for any injuries or damages which are suffered as a result of watching the particular movie.


The 4DX technology enhances the onscreen visuals for viewers through the use of special effects including motion-activated seats, wind, fog, rain, lightning, vibration, snow and scents.

4DX auditoriums use motion-enabled chairs which create strong vibrations and sensation along with simulated weather and conditions such as lighting, rain, flashing lights, fog and strong scents.

Those who are pregnant, elderly, physically or mentally sensitive or have health conditions – such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies, epilepsy or neck or back conditions – are recommended not to enter a 4DX auditorium.


Some of the safety guidelines include a height and age requirement – you must be at least 3 ½ feet tall and 4 years old – once the film has started moviegoers must remain seated at all times, all cold beverages must be in a covered container and viewers are asked not to eat or drink during “intense scenes when motion chairs will be most active.”

Moviegoers are also asked not to wear any delicate clothing that could be affected by the special effects and to take measures to protect clothing against such conditions.

Tickets to catch a 4DX film range between $25 to $30 — almost double a regular admission ticket.

The Big Apple’s second 4DX theater is expected to open on April 28 at the Regal E-Walk 13 located at 247 West 42nd St. — in the heart of Times Square.

“We are extremely excited to bring this immersive cinematic experience to New Yorkers. Launching in New York City is a milestone in 4DX’s expansion within the United States,” said Byung-hwan Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. “From the success we’ve seen at the box office and from the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received from audiences at L.A. Live, we have no doubt that these two new 4DX theaters will soon become two of the hottest entertainment spots in the city.”

New York City’s theaters will be the third and fourth auditoriums in the entire country to host 4DX screens. CJ 4DPLEX launched its 4DX technology first at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live Stadium 14 in June 2014 in Los Angeles. Then late last year, 4DX opened a second screen in Gurnee, IL, just outside Chicago.

Other films that have already been screened in 4DX theaters include “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Furious 7,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “Jurassic World” and “San Andreas.”

There are currently over 30,000 4DX seats in 228 theaters in 37 countries. By the end of 2017, 4DX has a goal to be in 800 theaters worldwide.

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