432 Park Avenue, NYC's Supertall Sore Thumb, Has Only Sold 13 Apartments... for $170 MM in Sales

Only in New York, right? 

We let you know when 432 Park Avenue, New York City's skyline eyesore and the third tallest residential building in the United States, sold their first apartment for a staggering $18 million back in January of this year. 

And now, there's this infographic from the folks over at CityRealty

The biggest takeaway? 

Only thirteen of the supertall's 141 apartments have officially sold-- and that being said, they brought in a staggering total of $170 million in sales.


Check out all of the jaw-dropping info from what many call the ugliest structure to ever hit New York City's skyline. 


via The Real Deal

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[via The Real Deal]