4 Movie-Themed Date Ideas in NYC for Grabbing Bae and Escaping Reality

From television, to social media, to the guy in the break room who never makes a fresh pot of coffee, political commentary seems to be coming at us from everywhere these days.

It can be quite the challenge to exist in any space without getting into (or trying to stay out of) a politically-charged conversation. 

If you’re feeling like you need a breather, March is bringing with it some fantasy films perfect for immersing in some good ole’ fashioned make-believe.

Also, if you’re just lazy and don’t want to plan anything yourself, we’ve done the work for you.

Who wants to put any effort into dating anyway? Here’s some ideas. Take ‘em or leave ‘em.

1. Logan (in theaters March 3rd)

The 10th movie installment of Marvel’s X-Men films, Logan, may be the last we see of Wolverine. Howevs, if there’s any justice left in this cruel world, it won’t be the last of Hugh Jackmans roles requiring rugged facial hair

Laughing Man Coffee & Tea (184 Duane Street)

If you’re going to an early show, grab some coffee first at this Tribeca coffee shop opened by Hugh Jackman and friends. Jackman donates his profits to Laughing Man Foundation. This could go either way, your date just might think you’re a good person— or just crushing on Logan.


Gran Electrica (5 Front Street – Brooklyn)


In the film, Logan is caring for an ailing Professor X in a Mexican border town. Help set the scene by bringing your date to a Mexican restaurant. Our choice, DUMBO’s Gran Electrica: a charming venue with killer margaritas.

The Pony Bar (1444 First Avenue)

Logan likes beer. The Pony Bar in the UES has lots of beer. If your date does not like beer, get a new date.

2. Kong: Skull Island (in theaters March 10th)

Basically there’s an expedition to Skull Island, and—Spoiler Alert!—there’s something really big living on it.

Johny’s Luncheonette (124 West 25th Street)

Before a matinee, you can grab breakfast at the counter in this small, reasonably-priced Chelsea diner. What to order? The King Kong: a French-toasted hero with fried eggs, strips of bacon, and banana slices topped with syrup and cinnamon.

VU Rooftop Bar (17 West 32nd Street)

Maybe Kong doesn’t have much luck on the Empire State Building, but it’s still a pretty freakin’ cool piece of work. Vu Bar, the rooftop bar atop La Quinta Inn, has outdoor heaters, an oft-friendly crowd and an awesome view of what was once the world’s tallest building.

Sugar Factory American Brasserie (835 Washington Street)


Sweet-drink haven, Sugar Factory, offers lots of over-the-top desserts, but the one that, um, takes the cake, is the World Famous Sugar Factory King Kong Sundae: 24 Scoops of ice cream covered with just about everything you can buy in a candy shop. It’s $99 and serves 12 people.

3. Beauty and the Beast (in theaters March 17th)

Curious if Emma Watson makes a better Hermione or Belle? The Disney classic has been turned into a live-action film with Emma Watson playing Belle beside Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) as Beast and Luke Evans (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The Girl on the Train) as Gaston.

Jefferson Market Library (425 Sixth Avenue)

If your date is a bookworm like Belle, make a Beast-move and take her to the city’s own castle library. Also, this is your chance to empress ‘em by using the word “Neuschwansteinian” (look it up) to describe the architecture.

Ladurée Soho (398 West Broadway)



While the teapot may not actually sing at Ladurée Soho, the French bakery does have a tea time menu offering a variety of teas, colorful macarons, gorgeous desserts, and finger sandwiches. The digs are so opulent here you might even be able to pull off a floor-length, yellow gown (send us pics).

4. Life (in theaters March 24th)

In this sci-fi horror flick, a group of good-looking scientists aboard the International Space Station discover that extraterrestrial lifeforms might be better left undiscovered.


Westlight, The William Vale (111 North 12th Street – Brooklyn)

Head to the hotel that looks like a spaceship that landed in Williamsburg and get a cocktail at their rooftop bar, Westlight. Expect amazing views and Manhattan prices, and you won’t need to be brought down to earth.

American Museum of Natural History, Hayden Planetarium (200 Central Park West)


Check out a film that’s more sci than fi at Hayden Planetarium, and while you’re at the museum, you can explore the moon rocks, meteorite and black hole exhibit (Also, be sure to entertain your date with lame space puns all night to ensure your evening ends with zero chances of a big, ahem, bang).

[Feature Image Courtesy ThePlaylist] 

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