The three-tower project being built along the High Line, now officially named the Maetro Chelsea, has been in the works for some time now.

As you might presume from the aforementioned "three-tower" description, the Maetro Chelsea consists of three buildings. 

The first, standing at a whopping 35-stories right on top of the High Line, will house 220 units. 

Two adjoining buildings will house another 155 units, with all buildings hosting a retail space on their ground floors.

Naturally, an apartment in a building this conveniently located―that also boasts grand views of the High Line―will cost renters a pretty penny.

However, Curbed now reports that the Maetro Chelsea will allow eligible renters to enter a housing lottery for a chance at an affordable apartment in one of these buildings.


The expected market rate for a unit in one of these towers is expected to go as high as $5,000 for a one bedroom. That's not a joke. 

A total of 75 units have been set aside in the towers for the affordable housing lottery. 

Studio apartments will be going for as low as $596/month, and two bedrooms for $979/month.

These prices include all of the amenities that come with the market rate apartments, such as access to the building's gym, rec room, and rooftop.

A two bedroom apartment in Chelsea going for under a grand? And it's not secretly falling apart or missing doors? Sounds way too good to be true.


Check out the full breakdown of eligibility to join the housing lottery, and if you're a candidate, there's pretty much no reason not to sign up.

This may be the one lottery that'll be harder to win than the Hamilton lottery.

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via Curbed

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