So Much More Than Netflix & Chill: Everything You'd Ever Want for a $3,000 Apartment Makeover & Chill Is Right Here...

How's your apartment looking right now? Don't know? Oh, well take a look around. We'll give you a second...

Yeah, we know. It's a sad state of affairs. You spent a long winter bundled up and tucked away from the bi-polar claws of Mother Nature. You trailed in dirt, snow, whatever subway sewage clamps onto your shoes, clothes are everywhere, there's no sign of real life here, and even the walls make you sad. 

Basically, your apartment just looks and feels as sad and secluded as you felt all winter long. Don't worry. As always, we got you.

But the daunting task of spring cleaning requires reinforcements which is why we've teamed up with our good friends at Casper, Move Loot, Caviar, Glassful, MeUndies, and Unpakt to bring you the most insane apartment makeover & staycation you never imagined possible.

Sounds like a ridiculous package, right? Yes, but in the best f*cking way imaginable. 

We thought of just about everything might possibly need (except for cleaning because cleaning builds character) to make your apartment the most beautiful home you could hope for. 

Need to add a bit of life to your sad walls? We got you with a $500 credit from Paintzen who'll help you repaint your once-dreary apartment and make it feel fun, affordable, and more accessible-- all the while you chill out on your new Casper mattress (which, by the way, comes in a neat little box). 

Down with chillin' in just your skivvies? MeUndies is probably the most comfortable underwear you'll ever wear, and you get $250 just to check out how much comfortable underwear can change your life. That's no joke. Bad underwear can ruin your day. 

Chillin' on your Casper bed in your underwear and need some delicious food? Good thing you get $250 for Caviar that's delivering insanely delicious food from some of NYC's best restaurants. But don't eat without a drink in your hand. Drink your fill with $350 from Glassful

What about the junk in your apartment you'd rather do without-- or what if you're moving out entirely? Word. Unpakt's got you with a $500 credit that goes towards only what you're actually moving, whenever you're ready to move.


Has your apartment been severely lacking in the furniture department? Have you been trying to ignore the fact that your couch was picked up off the street? We got you. Rather, Move Loot's got you with a $250 credit to pick out the piece of furniture you need and deliver it right to your door. 

All of this sounds absurd, right? Well, you're not wrong. It is absurd. It's absurdly dope, and it's just for you. You're welcome. All you've got to do is enter the giveaway right here

A new bed, a fresh coat of paint, half a grand of food and drink, movers to help you along the way in whatever way you need, and yeah, underwear-- which is pretty all-encompassing --to lounge about in. 

Tell your ma, tell your pa, tell that podunk chump you know in Arkansas (well, they probably won't enjoy it as much as you can). It's going down. For real.

It's the most incredible apartment makeover & staycation we could think of, and you don't have to lift more than the fingers you need to enter here.

Enter to Win This Incredible $3,000 Apartment Makeover & Staycation Right Here.