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New Year, New You: 3 Things Every New Yorker Needs for a Better Night's Sleep

Are you sleep deprived? Yeah, so is everyone else in New York City. 

Let's face it, NYC isn't a city made up of rockstars for no reason. There's totally a reason, and it's that if we're not hustling hard at work, we're partying hard at the bar.

There's only one problem with our go-all-the-time lifestyles. They don't leave much time for sleep. Yeah, we know, we know, we're the city that never sleeps. We're exhausted, coffee chugging maniacs. Until now, we've embraced that title.

Except, now there's an entire bed set that's about to change up the way you sleepThey'll make you more excited for bed than you already are after an awful day at work, an entire night filled with dancing, or a dreadfully long walk through Times Square.

Yeah Casper's heavenly mattress, pillow, and sheets just changed the sleep game for good and forever. 

Casper has all you need as a New Yorker who desperately needs more sleep in 2016. They've taken out the needless guesswork in figuring out which mattress is actually the best for the way you sleep: They sell one perfect mattress, online. 

Their mattress is a fraction of the price of other memory foam mattresses that leave you in a sweaty mess, they give you 100 nights to figure out if the little sleep you manage to get is the best possible sleep you could, and they ship it to you for free. 

Plus, if you need to find out for yourself before you order online, you can book it to NoHo, check out their showroom, take a nap, try out one their mattresses for yourself, and if you're comfy enough (and you will be), buy it online, and they'll send it to your apartment for you-- in a box. 


1. The mattress

casper The Sheet Thief: Sharing is caring, except when it comes to bed sheets and bacon. #SyncronizedSleeping

Imagine catapulting backwards onto a mattress made of springy latex and memory foam that doesn't swallow you whole; falling onto the perfect sleep surface up to the task of actually handling everything you throw at it. 

Whether you're just reading a book, working late into the night, eating breakfast in bed, or performing the utmost essentials like sleeping and, you know, getting it on, have you ever even come close to sitting on a perfect mattress? 

Casper's mattress is basically that. More than that, even, because they'll bring your mattress right to your door, in a box, for free.

Casper's mattress is basically that. More than that, even, because they'll bring your mattress right to your door, in a box, for free.

You don't have to find out just how awful it is maneuvering a U-Haul through Times Square is (yeah, it's a nightmare). 

The mattress has the right bounce, support, and an open-cell design to increase circulation, so you won't wake up sweating and gasping for water. You'll wake up in a pleasant reverie when you need to wake up, probably from the best dreams of your life.

If you buy a New Yorker this mattress, we promise you'll be improving his or her life immeasurably. Get it here, and when you check out, use the discount code "SPOILED" to get $50 off your mattress.

2. The pillow

casper Long day? Hug it out.

If what New Yorkers hate the most is struggling to accomplish simple tasks in our small-ass apartments, a close second has got to be slugging through options. Sensory overload is a hard enough to manage in NYC, and finding the best way to fall asleep shouldn't be one of those struggles. 

There are pillows for side sleepers. There are pillows for back sleepers. There are fluffy pillows, firm pillows, and in-between pillows.

What do all these choices scream at us? Anxiety. What about this anxiety-inducing choice process? Well, it's way over.


Casper designed and tested pillows for more than a year until they decided on one pillow. The perfect-for-everyone pillow. The fall-asleep-right-away pillow. The pillow-you'd-want-to-marry-if-marrying-pillows-were-legal pillow. 

Every Casper pillow is the same. They're all filled with the same synthetic fibers, filled to the same density, and wrapped in the same white cover.

The pillow appeals to soft and hard pillow lovers. It's got a thick, washable outer layer surrounding a springy inner core which prevents the pillow from flattening while you sleep. It's plush and cushioning on the outside, supportive on the inside.

Basically, it's designed to stay supportive and cool all night long, just like your ex never did. Check out these amazing pillows here.

3. The sheets

casper Two new reasons to stay in bed: 18 months in the making, we're proud to announce the launch of our outrageously comfortable sheets and pillow.

It's true that New Yorkers spend way fewer hours in between the sheets than the rest of America, but since we don't sleep as much, shouldn't we upgrade the hours we do sleep?

Casper spent 18 months visiting 10 factories on three continents, testing hundreds of samples to design the sheets that balance all that you require of them: softness, strength, and breathability.

They did all this to improve your sleeping experience.

They did all this to improve your sleeping experience.

Their sheets have a thread count that ranges from 190-to-200-- at once absurdly comfortable, yet sparse enough to allow airflow. They're silky smooth enough to dream about and strong enough that they won't tear over time.

Their fitted sheet has perfectly grippy elastic in its seams, so it won't pop off your bed while you're asleep. It's got contrasting fabric and seams on its side which makes folding it actually possible. 

Check out these sheets for yourself here. Whoever's in between them with you will thank you. 

Get $50 Off Your Casper Mattress When You Use Discount Code "SPOILED" At Checkout! 

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