(3.1)4 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day in NYC

We'll all probably be snowed in tomorrow, but if you're able to venture outdoors, you can celebrate PI DAY!

Tomorrow is Pi Day because pi = 3.14(etc.) and tomorrow is 3/14!

In case you're a little rusty from math class, pi is the mathematical term for the ratio of a circle's circumference to it's diameter. And guess what? Pies are circles! It's the perfect pairing!

Here are some fun ways you can unleash your inner math nerd and geek out tomorrow in honor of Pi Day! If you can leave the house... because blizzard.

1. Get Free Pie!


Mah Ze Dahr Bakery in the West Village will be giving out a free hand pie for every $10 you spend on other baked goods in celebration of Pi Day! 


Hmmm... Maybe if you have a mean boss that makes you go in to work tomorrow you can cheer everyone up by bringing them an array of baked goods!

2. Make Your Own Pie!


This may our most realistic suggestion of how to celebrate Pi Day, because again, blizzard.

Hit up the grocery store for bread and milk and pie making supplies ASAP. And if your first attempt doesn't go so well, you can take a perfect pie baking class at the Culinary Institute on Friday!

3.(14) Go See A Show About Pies!


Okay so this one is a no-brainer. Waitress the hit Broadway musical by Sara Bareilles (soon to be starring Sara Bareilles omg omg omg) is literally a musical about making pies.


And you can buy a mini pie to eat while you watch. And they literally make the theatre smell like freshly baked pies before every performance. Sign us up for a slice.

4. Go to the Math Museum!


Okay so this may be the actual most appropriate way to celebrate Pi Day. Take a visit to the National Mathematics Museum!

They make learning fun with tons of interactive exhibits, and we're sure they'll be celebrating Pi Day right. Plus you can stock up on Pi memorabilia in the gift shop.

[Feature Image Courtesy Myspace NYC] 

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