It's (almost) finally here! A recently released updated map of the New York City subway featured the long awaited Second Avenue subway line. 

New Yorkers have been anxiously waiting for this extension to the Q-line - which will run from 96th street (Manhattan) to Coney Island-Stillwell Ave (Brooklyn) - for decades. 

While the MTA has previously announced that they were aiming for a December deadline to begin running the first phase of the Second Avenue line, we were all understandably wary when it came to the eventual existence of this too-good-to-be-true subway addition.

Given the controversy surrounding funding for the expansion, New Yorkers were totally in the right to wonder whether the Second Avenue line was ever going to actually exist.

The MTA previously pandered to excited New Yorkers when they released a simulator that allowed you to virtually test drive the upcoming Second Avenue line. 

Is the release of this updated map just another attempt to give us all hope that we'll see this expansion before our great-great-grandchildren?

At the very least this is something the MTA can't take back, which makes the Second Avenue line seem all the more real.

Maybe we can all go through our morning commutes with more peace of mind now knowing that our beloved expansion is that much closer to becoming a reality, and that our commutes are that much closer to becoming less of a hassle. 



via MTA

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