So There's This Ridiculous $24.5 Million Townhouse with a Carriage House and Horse Walk for Sale in the West Village... | spoiled NYC

What happens when someone purchases at $12 million townhouse in the West Village and then renovates it to include a two story-carriage house-office-- complete with a handcrafted elliptical staircase and a horse walk? 

Well, for one, you have some seriously questionable lifestyle choices, and two, you then have yourself $24.5 million home.

Even though we'd probably spend $12 million on something other than a horse walk, we're enamored with this unique home. 

Then again, it's $24.5 million, so we'll never be able to afford it, but we can dream right?

In between the two houses, according to Curbed, is an outdoor patio complete with a perfect sitting area to do whatever multi-millionaires do. The house itself is decked out with a massive window spanning multiple floors to allow for tons of natural light. 


What else would you need in a multi-million dollar townhouse? How about a basement complete with a wine cellar and playroom (because everyone knows the perfect place to house expensive bottles of vintage wine is right next to the kiddies...)? 

Want to see more? Check out this ridiculous house below. 

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[via Curbed]