Fast forward three weeks from now and 2016 will be over.  Let that sink in.  

With 2017 quickly approaching us, there is still one party that New York City always decides to attend: New Years Eve.

A lucky, we're guessing thousands, people got a glimpse at the "1" and "7" that will soon illuminate and welcome us all into the new year.

According to Curbed NY, the two numbers (we have yet to see the "2" and "0") are just chilling on their own next to the TKTS booth.  

Can you imagine all the tourist selfies...? 

We can.


Here is something you may not have known: each number stands at seven feet tall and includes between 70 and 120 light bulbs.


The numbers have now been moved to a private warehouse where they will be getting ready to make their debut on New Years Eve. 

[via Curbed NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]