Summer heat feeling a little too real this year? Have you been finding yourself wiping sweat in areas you haven’t sweat before?

You’re not alone.

We've been dealing with this heat for quite the stretch now, but things have officially gone overboard according to Reuters

Scientists at the World Meteorological Organization are saying that the Earth is nearing its hottest year on record. 

This June made it the 14th straight month of record heat.

Paired with an absurdly fast Arctic sea ice melt, temperatures recorded in the northern hemisphere in the first six months of 2016 have reached new heights.

The U.N. agency is currently examining whether a recorded temperature of 54 degrees Celsius in Kuwait last week was an all time high for the eastern hemisphere and Asia.


That’s 129 degrees Fahrenheit, so think twice before you complain about 90 degree days.

The concern goes as far as the Director of WMO admitting his surprise at the temperature spike. They’re working on getting better at predicting this type of stuff, and hopefully their predictions will allow us to take preventive measures. Like installing more outdoor pools, maybe.

But another problem (in a sort of vicious cycle) is that people combat the heat by using more and more energy for cooling, which is further ruining the world. Is there any winning? It's like a Catch-22 you need an oven mitt for because the catch is hot as sh*t.

Get a bucket of ice, dump it into a swimming pool, and stay a while. It’s going to be a long summer. 

[via Reuters] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]