Summer Bod Ready or Nah? 7 Best Steakhouses to Celebrate Summer in NYC

Summer is a time to indulge, whether that be in ludicrous amounts of cookies and sweets, alcoholic eggnog, or (for the more carnivorous) large portions of perfectly cooked, red meat. 

Steakhouses are the perfect place to celebrate good weather. They're oozing with professionalism and hospitality, looking to accommodate your every need and desire. 

Though you're probably paying a hearty chunk of cash to have that type of service, summertime in NYC is a time to treat yourself or your loved ones to a life-altering meal. 

These steakhouses, along with these, are the very best that NYC has to offer. 

If you're looking to overindulge with the highest quality, juiciest steak smothered in the richest sauce this summer season, these steakhouses will not disappoint. 

Here are the best steakhouses in NYC (in no particular order) to dine at over the next few months. We'll see you there, right? Right. 

Keens Steakhouse (72 West 36th Street)

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How could we write a list of NYC steakhouses without including Keens? Answer: we couldn't. As one of the oldest steakhouses in NYC, Keens has years of experience in providing New Yorkers legendary meats and flawless service.


If you're going to Keens, you can't leave without trying their famous "Mutton Chops," that have been lauded for decades. While it may or may not actually be mutton (sheep) or lamb, it's certainly a one-of-a-kind culinary masterpiece. 

It's incredibly difficult to decide between Keens' "Mutton Chops" or one of their dry-aged steaks that are dried on premise after being hand picked from a selection of USDA Prime Grade meats. As in, the best you can buy. We're huge fans of the "Prime Rib of Beef," and a side of a "Baked Idaho" potato. 

Smith & Wollensky (797 3rd Avenue) 

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Cosmetic salesman, Alan Stillman, had a rather interesting backstory that led to his successful NYC steakhouse. On a loan from his mother, Stillman opened a restaurant named, T.G.I. Friday's on First Avenue. As we all know, the restaurant flourished and became the chain we know today. 

After selling T.G.I. Friday's in 1976, he opened the flagship location of Smith & Wollensky in 1977 in the same location as the former Manny Wolf's Steakhouse. Stillman chose the names Smith and Wollensky at random from a NYC phonebook. 

Since it's opening in 1977, Smith & Wollensky has been providing New Yorkers with some of the best USDA Prime steaks that have been dry aged and hand butchered on premises. Stop in and take a peak at some of their walls bedecked with photos, paintings, and letters from their successful history. 

But don't leave without trying their "Filet Mignon" with a side of "Jumbo Asparagus."

Peter Luger Steakhouse (178 Broadway - Brooklyn)

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Originally opened as a cafรฉ, billiards, and bowling alley in 1887, Peter Luger's spot became a neighborhood gem. Though incredibly successful, the restaurant fell apart after the death of Peter Luger, until his long-time neighbor, Sol Forman, bought it, vowing to return it to its former glory. 

Peter Luger's is known for their critical meat selection process, selecting only the highest quality meat with favorable marbling, color, and texture. They are then dry-aged for flavor and texture. 


Unlike other steakhouses in NYC, Peter Luger's only offers the option to choose steak for two, three, or four, or choose a single (or small single) steak, or a rib steak. There is no option to choose cut of meat, because they only short loin portion, unless run as a daily special. 

Regardless, you will not be disappointed with whatever you choose at Peter Luger


DeStefano's Steakhouse (89 Conselyea Street - Brooklyn)

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This little steakhouse in Brooklyn is a true celebration of Brooklyn and its history, as well as a hidden culinary gem. If you're looking for a casual, neighborhood steakhouse for your celebration that will make you feel like a member of their family? This is your spot. 


Their steaks are cooked to perfection, rivaling the most expensive steaks in the city. Plus, if you're with a group who don't necessarily appreciate the subtle art of a perfectly cooked steak, they have a lot more non-red meat dining options than the traditional steakhouse. 

We highly recommend the "12 oz. Filet Mignon" that is topped with the "Chef's Burgundy Shallot Sauce." If you're not feeling the red meat, try the "Angel Hair Pasta with Lump Crab" that is simmered for two hours for the ultimate flavor. 

STK Midtown (1114 Avenue of the Americas)

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One of the hottest new steakhouses in NYC is certainly STK Midtown. If you're looking for the traditional, woodsy steakhouse feel, you'd be disappointed. But if you're looking for a modern, hip vibe with a DJ and incredible food, you're in luck. 

STK is a surprise as soon as you walk in. It's decor is artsy with a mix of light tones and a purple hue, along with warm fireplaces in glass walls. The bar is at the center of the restaurant, and usually draws a pretty attractive crowd after 9 p.m. 

The food is certainly a talking point. We highly recommend the "Bone-In Filet" for a perfectly seasoned, melt-in-your-mouth slice of meat. Dip it in the "STK" sauce for an extra kick of pepper. Enjoy it with a side of the "Parmesan Truffle Fries," for a more grown up version of the potato classic. 

Carnem Prime Steakhouse (318 5th Avenue - Brooklyn)

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"Pork Belly Cotton Candy." Do we have your attention now? This hip, innovative steakhouse in Brooklyn is raising the bar in creativity and flavor. For goodness sake, they serve a healthy slab of Berkshire crispy pork belly surrounded by cotton candy for an appetizer. We're already fans after this crispy treat.

The "Filet Mignon Sliders" are served with a brioche bun, bleu cheese, and bearnaise sauce, that will impress any burger fan. 


We're also huge fans of the "Braised Beef Short Ribs" for only $24, that is served with polenta and a port wine demi-glace. 

Village Prime (302 Bleecker Street)

villageprimenyc We only serve prime meat. No exceptions. That means excellent marbling, texture, and flavor in a wide variety of cuts.

This attractive steakhouse is as inviting on the outside as it is warm on the inside. This spot scoffs the traditional steakhouse ideal as an "old gentleman's club," bringing a hip, downtown setting to Manhattan. 

With as much of a focus on seafood as their prime meats, we highly suggest you try a mixture, starting with the "Tuna Tartare" or the "Lobster Bisque." 

Hungry? Try the "Cowboy Rib-Eye," which is 20 oz. of deliciously flavorful meat. Top it with hollandaise for a rich experience second to none. We also highly recommend the "steak fries" (because they're the only thing that can stand up to that amount of meat).

Make sure you finish with the "Chocolate Lava" dessert for a decadent end to your summertime meal. 

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