Listen, nobody really likes Penn Station. It might be one of the worst places ever. If Hell was a transit hub, and it probably is, then it's got to be Penn Station. Over half a million people just trying to walk.

There are many reasons why it's all but universally despised, not the least of which is the fact that it's not easy to figure out your way around if you've never been there before. 

Even if you have been there before, chances are you never spent any time memorizing the layout.

It's so terrible that Penn Station is probably the only place on Earth besides Delaware or North Korea that inspires people to say, "Thank God we made it to New Jersey."

So even New Yorkers don't really know where they're going inside Penn Station a lot. But now there's an atlas being developed that will help you figure out your route through this subterranean hellscape.

An atlas just for one station? Yeah, because nobody wants to spend a second longer than they have to being tempted to buy snacks (or terrible pizza) they don't even want so they can stress-eat the frustration of being lost underground.

Designer John Schettino is putting together the Penn Station Atlas in hopes of alleviating the tension and time-gobbling of being lost down there.


It'll be something like a Google Maps, but just for Penn. Part of the problem with navigating the place is that there are multiple street entrances, and many, many track entrances inside. The idea behind the atlas is that you can select both an entrance and a destination, and it'll lead you right there.  

Check out the introduction video below. The 3-D renderings of the different levels are pretty impressive. 

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