If you have family coming into the city for the holidays, you've undoubtedly been asked to open up your New York City apartment to them whenever they need it. 

You've told them you don't have the space, but they have needs and weird habits you have to at least try and accommodate. Let's face it: Granny needs to rest her feet, watch her stories, and fill out the crossword until you're off work, but you can't trust her alone in your apartment.

There's a simple solution for that: Hotels By Day

Leaving your family in your apartment is wildly inconvenient for many reasons, namely, you don't want to have to deal with the hassle of leaving your keys with them, trusting them not to lose them, and then try and coordinate with them on where to meet up later-- all before you head out to the office.


Hotels By Day lets you book a room for a morning, mid-day, or afternoon without charging you the outrageous prices of a full overnight stay. If your family wants to see the sights, but need a spot to call home while you're not at home, this is how you do it. 

Your family doesn't want to be stuck in your tiny apartment doing nothing all day. They don't want to put you out, and also, that's not why they're there.

You can book a room for free with their app, and then pay when you get to the hotel. Their bookings are flexible, and the entire process is wildly convenient in accommodating your family that, well, has the potential to be an inconvenience. 

Be sure to use the code "spoiled' when booking a room to receive an additional 5% off. 

Oh, and you do so at a fraction of the cost you would otherwise.

Last holiday season the average night price for a hotel room in NYC was $388. With Hotels By Day, you can book a room for the day for around $100. 

just_andie4u Having a much needed day of rest. Remember to take a step back and enjoy the moment and relax. Chocolates + Netflix =Happy Me. Courtesy of #hotelsbyday

And it's not just perfect for them. 

Sometimes you just need a breather. You need a relaxing space with a shower, wi-fi, and a comfy, quiet spot to chill out, compose yourself, get some work done, and recharge without having to worry about getting all the way back to your apartment.

You might wake up not even find ready to face the day (or your family) head on, and that's okay. Now there's a simpler way of recharging and getting your bearings without shelling out hundreds of dollars for a room you don't need all night. 

Maybe you just need a day away from the apartment without having to leave the city. Perfect. We got you. Hotels By Day has got you. Check them out here, and save some time, money, and frustration when dealing with your family this holiday season. 

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