New Yorkers know: time is money. That's why we're always in a rush. 

This is the most expensive city in the world. When we're not rushing to make money, we're rushing to blow off steam so that we're in the right mindset to continue rushing to make money tomorrow. 

So whenever there's a chance to save a buck, better yet save time, we're on top of it. That's the idea behind a new proposal designed to save outer-borough New Yorkers time and money.

Called the 'Freedom Ticket,' the idea is to offer a $215 unlimited monthly rail, subway, and bus ticket between train stations and subway stops within the City's limits.

The fact is, the subway is massively overcrowded which causes delays, and criminals are even taking advantage of distracted straphangers. 

So to ease that, people are offering the solution of incentivizing people to ride the bus, LIRR, and Metro-North within the City, especially in the outer boroughs where non-subway trains are largely empty during peak hours. 

The problem is that rail tickets are sometimes three times more expensive than a subway ride. So the trick is coming up with a way for people to ride the more expensive, more empty trains-- without losing the MTA too much money.


And the concept isn't totally unheard of, being as officials from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority are considering offering lower-priced LIRR and and Metro-North tickets for transportation around NYC.

But the 'Freedom Ticket' proposal comes from New York City Transit Riders Council, chaired by Andrew Albert, who also sits on the Riders Council board.

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Albert recently said in a statement, "There's a wonderful rail infrastructure running through a lot of NYC neighborhoods, but it's priced out of the reach of many residents, and that's a real shame."  MTA appears receptive to the Riders Council proposal.

MTA Spokesman Adam Lisberg recently stated, "It's an interesting proposal to alleviate the concerns of some of our customers, though it would certainly carry a financial impact for the MTA as well, so we'll consider it next year as we determine how to structure the next in our series of modest fare increases equivalent to the rate of inflation." 

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[Feature Image Courtesy AM NY] 

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