Fancy a Bargain? 6 Upscale NYC Restaurants That Won't Break the Bank for Your Holiday Dinner

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The holidays are around the corner and a lot of us are checking our bank statements with trepidation.

While we're all for some holiday festivities and some jolly good times, we find that we end up more in the red, seeing a lot less green. 

It's certainly one of the most expensive times of year, with an emphasis on gift-giving, shopping, parties, and various other yule-tide attractions. 

It's also one of the most delicious times of year where diets go on hold until they become New Years resolutions. 

Unfortunately for those of us on a budget, these indulgences are often pricier than our meager paychecks. We're not trying to be penny-pinching Scrooges... we're just trying to ensure our future selves a meal when the holidays are over. 

Have no fear, New Yorkers, we're here to offer you some friendly holiday cheer with a list of fine dining restaurants that won't blow your budget out of Whoville. 

1. Vite Vinosteria (31-05 34th Street - Queens)

natesayer When it comes to Italian, pound for pound, nothing this side of the Atlantic can compete with New York

This quaint, Italian restaurant is perfect for a trendy Holiday celebration with friends. 

At Vite Vinosteria in Queens, you can dine on delicious foods like "Cavatelli di Grano Integrale con Ragu D'Agnello" (or whole wheat shell pasta with lamb ragu) for a mere $14.95. 

Maybe you're not into lamb? Try their "Bufalina" pizza with light tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, basil, and buffalo mozzarella. 

2. Degustation (239 East 5th Street)

ink.milk degustation noun de·gus·ta·tion \ˌdē-ˌgəs-ˈtā-shən\ : the action or an instance of tasting especially in a series of small portions

This little French spot puts an emphasis on good food at a seriously reasonable price. The open style kitchen offers you a show while you anxiously await your delicious food. 

We'd highly recommend you start with their Brussels Sprouts complete with clothbound cheddar, funyuns, and cashews. Follow that up with their duck with butternut squash, mole, and seeds. Perfect food for a holiday celebration!

3. Amelie (22 West 8th Street)

rachael_kim Happy hour wine flights paired with charcuterie & cheese plate to end our stressful week of midterms 😛🍷👌🏼 #rachiesquared

It's the holidays! That means that it's a great time to meet up with your friends and family and taste the finer things in life. And by that we mean wine, taste some really excellent wine. There's no better place to do that than to head to Amelie for some "Warm Pistachio Crusted Goat Cheese Balls" and wine. 

Follow that up with "Gratin de Ravioles du Royans," or a specialty of Valence made of wheat flour stuffed with comte and cottage cheese. Combined with some wine from their extensive wine list, you'll be praising good ole' Saint Nick.