Watch This Music Video Explain the Basic Rules of NYC Subway Etiquette

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Brooklyn natives Brian Bonz and Mike Rizzo of the comedy duo Bobo Touch are no strangers to making hilarious subway etiquette videos. 

Last week, we brought you their public service announcement entitled Subway Creeps, which basically called out all of the perverts riding the New York City subway system. 

Their first video, however, addresses an even larger issue: basic etiquette when riding the train. 

Check out this horribly wonderful music video below first released back in February of this year, and remember: if you see something, you might want to say something. Or maybe you could just play this video for them instead?

Whatever the case, simply remember: be courteous to your fellow New Yorkers. 

And P.S., for decency's sake, let people off the subway before you get on!

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